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Challenger I

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About the Author

About Jeremy Wee (jazza)

Modelling Background I first started modelling at the age of 14 years old where i mainly constructed 1/72 scale planes and was exclusively painting them using a paint brush as i couldnt afford anything more than that. After which i took a 12 year break before resuming back to modelling more serious...


Very nice painting & weathering. The markings blend very well. The commander looks good, as well. The track is a weak point. An after-market set would have finished off this kit nicely...
JUN 16, 2006 - 12:02 AM
I actually fully agree with you on this one. The tracks OOTB was missing some slight detail between each link. Ive still got the Chally 2 in the box waiting to be built so would definitely consider AM parts for that build. Cheers!
JUN 16, 2006 - 04:54 AM
Hi Jeremy, I don't know much about modern armour but this looks like a Challenger to me, nice build. Re the tracks, that's really a cost issue but I think they could have done with a bit more weathering as the rest of the vehicle looks cool. As you're showing a vehicle with crew, some more kit around the tank would have been good and given more interest and contrast in colour. That said, great build and what do I know anyway, that's just my preference. Cheers and thanks for posting this, it's a mighty machine. Al
JUN 17, 2006 - 03:18 AM