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Rangers in Somalia

On October 3, 1993, about 100 US Rangers and Delta Force members were dropped into Mogadishu, Somalia. This was the longest sustained firefight that American troops where involved with since the Vietnam War. I had just arrived to Ft. Benning, Georgia a few months after the Rangers returned home. Although this diorama does not depict a particular scene or time during that conflict, I got the idea from to the upcoming movie "Black Hawk Down." Being a veteran myself, I also wanted to put something in my collection to honor those men who fought in Somalia. This is my tribute to those past and present, "LET US NOT FORGET!"

The diorama shows a Little Bird gunship flying overhead keeping cover fire for the Rangers and Delta Force Operators down bellow. On the ground, three Rangers and two Delta Force Operators hang tight around their Hummer waiting to move out.

Academy/Minicraft M1025 HUMMER Armored Armament Carrier
Italeri Commando HUM-V
Verlinden Productions M1025 Weapons Carrier Update Set
Dragon AH-6 Little Bird Gunship
Dragon US Army Special Forces
Shanghai Dragon US Helicopter Crew
SOL Swat Team
Verlinden and Warrior Head Sets

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About Pete Becerra (Epi)

I am 48 years of age. I have been modeling since I was around 8 years old. As you can see from my signature, I am retired from the US Army and Texas Army National Guard. I served 6 years in active duty from 1989 to 1995 and in 1998 I joined the Texas Army National Guard and been serving up unt...