diorama, built using resin ship model kits from Battlefleet Models, in 1/700 scale."/>
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A Work In Progress...

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"Hog Islanders" were cargo ships built at the Hog Island emergency shipyard in Philadelphia at the end of World War I.

Hog Island was the first shipyard ever built for mass production of ships from fabricated parts and sub-assemblies, produced at dozens of subcontractors. It had 50 shipways, seven wet docks and a holding basin.

UK artist/ship modeler Peter Fulgoney shares with us his latest work in progress, his "Hog Islander" diorama, built using resin ship model kits from Battlefleet Models.

Harbour Diorama Includes:

1.) BFM-702 Small Tug & YO-32
2.) BFM-703 Small Tug & Barge
3.) BFM-704A Dock Set
4.) BFM-707 190' YOS Oil Storage Craft
5.) BFM-710 Hog Islander
6.) BFM-718 Yard Garbage YG-21
and various scratch built items

For a full history of the "Hog Islanders" click HERE!

For a complete "Record of Pre-WWII Shipbuilding" from Hog Island, click Here!
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