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Portfolio - JackFlash (part 4)

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Pfalz D.III. 4011/17 It began as an ‘Eduard’ 1/48 kit # 8005. Pfalz D.III. 4011/17 flown by Vzfw. (acting sergeant) Höhne of Jasta 21 in the winter of 1917-18. Since the Glencoe decals are made for the Aurora/ Glencoe kit I chose to scratchbuild his personal markings. When it was all said and done... I used 50 individual decals to accomplish the whole scheme. Höhne took the basic ‘sky camouflage’ of the Pfalz and added distinctive striping and bands to confuse the ground troops and aircrews that stood sentry over his favorite targets, observation balloons.

Pfalz D.IIIa 4203/17 Pilot’s right full side view. This kit was done before the ‘Eduard’ Pfalz. D.IIIa kit was available. It started as an ‘Eduard’ 1/48 kit # 8005 Pfa. D.III. I modified it by introducing some of ‘Tom’s Modelworks’ resin pieces and ‘DML/ Dragon’ Spandaus to the build to bring it up to D.IIIa specs. The decals are from the old Aeromaster’s Pfalz sheet. Pt. I.

Pfalz D.IIIa This is a ‘Tom’s Modelworks’ 1/48 all resin Pfalz D.III/IIIa kit built in the D.IIIa configuration. Done here in the markings of Vzfw. Max Holtzem of Jasta 16b it was flown in April, May and June in 1918. Pilot’s right full side view. Personal & national markings are from Aeromaster’s Pfalz sheet Pt. I. Figures are from Jaguar. The lower wing is done in ‘Superscale’ 5 colour lozenge. If I had it to do over again I would do it in Eagle Strike’s 5 colour lozenge. Propeller is laminated wood. Uffz. Max Holtzem in his Pfalz D.IIIa while stationed with Jasta 16b. I believe the lower wing (at least the right one) was covered in 5 color lozenge, black spinner and there appears to be a black eight pointed star on the pilot’s left side top wing. Struts are silbergraü like the rest of the machines basic color. The exhaust is made up of six short sections of individual tubing. Black tail unit and banding around the fuselage.The comet appears to be black and white and silbergraü. Just my opinion. As an aside I would like to note that Max Holtzem immigrated to the USA after WWI and settled in Whittier Beach California. During WWII he worked as a quality control inspector on the P-51 Mustang assembly line.

Pfalz D.III 4115/17 Another ‘Eduard’ 1/48 Pfalz D.III done as 4115/17 in a ‘provisional’ scheme from Marine Feld Jasta III. The information I have on this is from a photo containing part of the aircraft. I must admit it borders closer to being a ‘hypothetical’ with current information.

Pfalz E.I 479/15 The Gavia Pfalz E.I in the markings of 479/15, as flown on the Eastern front near Vilna. The fine moldings this kit rivals its cousin Eduard in manufacturing. Cut and paste >>>>> http://www.aeroscale.co.uk/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=82376&page=1

Pfalz D.VIII 124/18 The kit lozenge camouflage decals in the kit are the old Aeromaster version from about 1994. These were redone by her sister company, Eagle Strike in using more accurate Pantone colours in 1998. I used the Eagle Strike types that are in my opinion some of the best lozenge decals on the market in 1/72 and 1/48 scale. The national markings, serials and Pfalz Co. Logo are from Microscale done specifically for the kit. Serial number represented is for Pfalz D.VIII 124/18. The personal markings are from coloured decal film I cut and laid down. Note on the original aircraft the fuselage cross was moved further aft to allow the pilot’s personal tri-colour markings to be applied. The chosen scheme represents the machine used by Ltn. Paul Baümer during his second tour with Jasta Boelcke in about May 1918.

Pfalz D.1445/18 Built from the Special Hobby 1/48 kit #48024. My Build was done to represent the Pfalz D.1445/18 of Kest (Home Defense Fighter Unit) 4b. This machine was piloted by a Gefr. (Private) Langenheim in late 1918.

Pfalz A.I Converted from the ‘Eduard’ #8007 Morane saulnier L and adding the makeshift boxes to resemble those loaded with bombs. These were strapped to the rear fuselage sides on licensed built version. This machine was flown in aviation’s first ‘Black Ops’ byGermany’s Flieger Abteilung 9b in the summer of 1915. To see the build
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About Stephen T. Lawson (JackFlash)

I was building Off topic jet age kits at the age of 7. I remember building my first WWI kit way back in 1964-5 at the age of 8-9. Hundreds of 1/72 scale Revell and Airfix kits later my eyes started to change and I wanted to do more detail. With the advent of DML / Dragon and Eduard I sold off my ...


Really cool collection Stephen! Maybe you should add a buid of the Copper State Dr.1 to make it perfect, tho! Mikko
SEP 07, 2007 - 07:16 PM
Thanks Mikko; I have thought about doing The CSM Pfalz Dr.I. So many kits so little time!
SEP 08, 2007 - 04:11 AM
Stephen, Really Pfine Pfalz's I have seen most at one time or another on the Drome, but it is nice to see them all together! RAGIII
SEP 08, 2007 - 10:17 AM