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“EXPLOSION” MUSEUM, Gosport, Hampshire, UK

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"MSW crewmates Rob Kernaghan and Peter Fulgoney took a trip to this armament museum in Gosport, Hampshire, UK, and has shared their trip in this MSW Feature!"

Saturday 9th August 2008.

Rob Kernaghan asked me to help support this museum at Gosport as a worthwhile cause. It’s the other side of the water to Portsmouth Harbour but gives a different perspective of the main harbour itself, and I have included several pictures to show what I mean. That’s not to say that this location is secondary, indeed at Gosport you will find the submarine museum, and this little gem, “EXPLOSION” which houses armament and ordnance in an intriguing historical tableaux.

What the weekend meant to us was the chance to share our work with the public and help promote not only the museum but the hobby as well. The event was called “warship weekend” and it’s held every year at the museum in one of the ancillary buildings.

As a first time goer to the event, I would give it 80-90% as it was a good venue, well attended, and there was a book seller there who must have had one of the best weekends of his life courtesy of yours truly (I must have picked up several Warship Profiles at what I consider to be half price plus two bags full of other literary gems).

On top of all that, the curator let us all view the reserve collection, and there are pictures of that too.

So, cheers, Rob, and I owe you £20 for that last book I couldn’t afford. ;)

Peter F August 2008

And, to see the fantastic models that were on display, turn the page!
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