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Medway Modellers Show, Royal Engineers Museum

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"MSW crew-mate Peter Fulgoney took a recent trip to the Royal Engineers Museum at Chatham, UK, for the Medway Modellers Show, and has treated us to a pictorial feature of the event!"

Peter states:
"Because the show was at the museum, there was also the collection of artifacts to view as well as a number of military vehicles inside and out.

The main characters portrayed in the museum are The Duke of Wellington - his map of Waterloo included, General Gordon's map, and Mr Chard's revolver from Roukes Drift featured in the film "Zulu".

There weren't too many ship model examples, but in all it was worth the 6.50 entrance fee if you hadn't seen the museum before!

Peter F

To learn more about the museum, click here to visit their website!
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Hey Peter! Thanks for sharing it with us! I recognize some of the models already displayed here as MOD's (by Jim Smith) Poor lighting conditions, but... I hope you had a good time! Cheers, Rui
SEP 15, 2008 - 04:29 AM