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Henschel Hs 129B-2 in the Snow

I hadn’t been careful enough, when spraying the top surface camouflage and the pre-shading didn’t show through as much as I would have liked. Because of the whitewash to come I took the opportunity and had a go at post shading. But I darkened the paint too much and made the effect much to stark. I toned this down with an overspray of straight RLM 70/71. I will try post shading again, but my theories on pre-shading are still looking good. I just need better lighting to pull it off where dark colours are concerned.

All masking was removed, apart from the cockpit opening. Then, following my normal practice I gave the model 2 hand brushed coats of Klear (Future) then applied the decals (see my articles, “The future is Klear” and “Decal Dilemmas”). After the decal setting solution residue had been washed off, using clean water, 2 more hand brushed coats of Klear were applied. This is normally done to “level off” and protect the decals from weathering. In this instance it was also done to enable me to remove the “whitewash”, if I made a hash of it.

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