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Henschel Hs 129B-2 in the Snow

Humbrol matt coat was then applied to all parts and left for a couple of days to dry. (I’ve yet to try Rustin's Drier in clear coats. It is tinted purple and, although it doesn’t affect paint colour I have a fear that it might give finishing clear coats a purple tinge).

Final weathering was then carried out. This consisted of paint chipping, using a silver pencil, but only on some of the areas exposed under the “whitewash”. Davy Grey, out of the tube, was applied, in very small amounts by toothpick, to areas where oils and grease my have stained. These spots were “pulled back” along the airflow with a finger or cotton bud. Exhaust and cordite stains were sprayed on, using Xtracolor exhaust.

Final assembly could now take place. This is all the “dangly bits” that would have got broken off, damaged or got in the way during assembly, painting and, particularly, weathering.

This was a very enjoyable build, I will certainly be building another. The lessons learned about winter whitewash schemes as been well worth the effort and have probably brought the building of Rudel’s winter scheme Ju 87 G-2 much closer.
  • Hs-129-B2026
  • Hs-129-B2011
  • Hs-129-B2013
  • Hs-129-B2019
  • Hs-129-B2010
  • Hs-129-B2021
  • Hs-129-B2029
  • Hs-129-B2031

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