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HMS Cavalier

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HMS Cavalier Kola Peninsular 1945...

I bought this little kit as Mole Maritime Models HMS Caesar late war destroyer at the Hornchurch Model Show a couple of years ago from the Dorking Models stand. I didn’t realise it was a Rob Kernaghan kit until I open the box, and then I expected great things. I did borrow the plans showing all the detail which the instructions unfortunately lack. Also there is some haziness about the photography, just like mine, and so I checked the real ship in Chatham. The problem is the refits, and I especially wanted the WW2 version for a forthcoming book. After some detective work I could see what might be needed but the actual plans were indispensable for the level of detail I wanted.

Like all Finewaterline kits, the box contents are sparse but this is reflected in the price, and there’s no heap of parts that are unusable or you don’t want. I had some spare kit parts, and a couple of destroyer PE frets and so, so far so good. I did however scratch build the MK 9 depth charge thrower, and the twin oerlikon gun as I was exhausted trying to find these in my “haystack” of parts. In the end, I think I came up with better versions than available with the oerlikon gun scratch being part of the WEM instructions in their KG5 PE set.

The kit is value for money but not short of pin holes, and the hull was quite bendy and I was not able to fully glue it all down – the other way instead of boiling it to straighten it out.

In all, the model as presented turned out OK, getting second prize at a local show (beaten by my Fort Drum build – friendly fire…) but what I had always wanted to do was put such a subject into a frozen north scenario so I could go to town with the PVA ice, and icy sparkles frozen water effects. All great fun, and I can’t wait to do it all again soon.

Model build…

Rigging – caenis line and stretched sprue combo.
Paints – Humbrol enamels
Glue - pva.
PE – White Ensign KG5, and Lion Roar O class
Weathering – Mig rust, city dirt, and white ashes – some white ashes also used for snow.

Happy modelling…………. Peter Fulgoney –May 2012.

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Hi Peter, Very nice work, in a difficult setting to do well. I Like it. Al
AUG 08, 2013 - 03:03 AM