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Der Famo

I used a few on-line sites, but my primary reference throughout the build was from Nuts & Bolts Publications (NB12) which focuses on the Sdkfz 9.

I took a few liberties during the construction process and from what I can tell the configuration I show here is pretty close to the real thing, but it may not be 100 percent accurate (something to do with the front bumper and other part, but I don't recall what).

I'm still trying to replicate the personal success I had with this kit. It was fun and looked good (IMHO) when finished. After taking it to several shows it has since been retired to my display shelf (especially after breaking the tool box door two times in transit).
  • FAMO_006
  • FAMO_007
  • FAMO_009
  • FAMO_010

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