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Building the Revell 1:72 VIIC u-boat

Part 9: Wash trouble…
To make sure the decals would not get shiny, I first sprayed a gloss coat on the VIIC. I used Tamiya X-22 for this. After that, decals were applied with Micro Sol. I sprayed another gloss coat on the model and started weathering. The weathering I did was a number of washes on the whole u-boat. I used burnt sierra oil paint for this, mixed with white spirit. Also, while the wash was drying, I painted some rust marks with model masters rust on the u-boat (so before the wash had dried). I did this because the paint mixes with the not yet dried white spirit, with as result nice rust marks which are blended a bit with the u-boat colours. But I encountered some trouble with the washes: “circles”. Everyone who uses washes sure know what I’m talking about and on a large surface like the VIIC this problem comes very easily, so watch out if you’re going to “wash” you u-boat as well! You can remove “circles” by adding a bit of clean white spirit/turpentine on the “circle”. I finished the u-boat by spraying another gloss coat on the model. The model looked very “dead” after the washes were applied…..matt is not a good colour for an u-boat which is usually wet and glossy, so that’s why I decided to give my u-boat this gloss coat. I really like how it came out….but I think this last step is a real matter of taste!
Part 10: finish / conclusion...
I think it's already clear what my opinion on this kit is. € 60 euros is not very cheap, but you get yourself a huge and nicely detailed VIIC u-boat for that money, and above all, a lot of fun during the build! Recommended to all model builders who like the WW2 subject or just want to do something else, and highly recommended to those who just love warships. This one has to be in your collection!
Part 11: interesting aftermarket parts
I'd like to end this article with some interesting aftermarket parts you can get for this kit. I built it OOTB, because I thought the u-boat itself as already expensive enough, but for those who like detail, try these kits:
•Andrea WW II German U-Boat Crew (ANS12S01) - around € 18

•Andrea WWII U-Boat Deck Gun Crew (ANS12S02) - around € 18

•CMK U-Boot VII C Resin Command Section (CMK72001) - around € 60

Also, our fellow Armorama member Warvos was very kind to me by sending the Revell 1:72 u-boat crew set. I haven’t put these figures on my u-boat yet but they do look pretty good and are much cheaper than the resin kits…

Well that's it. I hope you liked reading my article, and of course watching my u-boat! I’d also like to thank some people who helped me during this built….
Steve (95bravo), Rui (skipper), Björn (warvos), Darryl (11Charlie) and not to forget Garry (garrybeebe), who, after all talked me into building this kit. I hope he can see what I made out of it! Martin Noorloos
  • Martinnnn Revell VII-C OOB - 002
  • Martinnnn Revell VII-C OOB - 003
  • Martinnnn Revell VII-C OOB - 004
  • Martinnnn Revell VII-C OOB - 005
  • Martinnnn Revell VII-C OOB - 006
  • Martinnnn Revell VII-C OOB - 007
  • Martinnnn Revell VII-C OOB - 008
  • Martinnnn Revell VII-C OOB - 009
  • Martinnnn Revell VII-C OOB - 010
  • Martinnnn Revell VII-C OOB - 011

About the Author

About Martin Noorloos (Martinnnn)

Hi all, Another scale modeller :) I focus on 1/35 and 1/16 (RC) military modelling. Martin


Martin, Very well written and very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing
JUN 21, 2005 - 03:53 AM
Hi Great job. Your weathering is very well done. Now my Flower cl corvette is sniffing its nose :-) Tom
JUN 21, 2005 - 04:23 AM
Now I really need to see this one in real Awesome job on the feature Martin. Congrats!
JUN 21, 2005 - 04:53 AM
A very entertaining read, and a lovely build of the U-boat. The pre-shading came out very well I think. Thanks Martin!
JUN 21, 2005 - 07:32 AM
Martinnn I've got nothing more to add to the comments of the other guys. Very entertaining read, a lot of info, and very professional pics. I hope you made a good deal with mr. REvell on this one, cause he'll sure be selling a lot more of these babies now your article is posted. But, as a marketing graduate, just a small hint: Everything sells better if you put a nice model holding or slightly touching the object you're trying to sell. So, in this case, how about a nice model holding your model? I know you've got both at your disposal.... :-) just kidding... great work!
JUN 21, 2005 - 08:12 AM
Martin, Great job on the build and thanks for taking the time to write an in progress article. regards, Robert
JUN 25, 2005 - 10:03 AM
Very nice article Martin. Thanks for submitting it.
JUN 25, 2005 - 11:53 AM
Martin ...... Well done! An interesting read. You did a fine job with the VII C. I'm glad you wrote the article. I will try the pre shading when I build mine. I can't wait to see what you come up with for DDD2.
JUN 25, 2005 - 04:30 PM
Hi Martin, As someone who is taking a break from 1:32 aircraft, and who has received this kit as a gift, I look forward to using your excellent model to help me build mine! First shipwrighting job ever! Best Regards, David.
AUG 25, 2009 - 07:52 AM
David, Welcome to MSW and I look forward to seeing you project.
AUG 25, 2009 - 08:28 AM