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Painting Desert USMC MARPAT

Here is my second installment to painting the new USMC MARPAT uniforms. This time we are painting 1/35th scale uniforms instead of 120mm. I’ll use two new figure sets from Warriors as the figures in this article.

The technique I used is basically the same as I did with the .Airborne Miniatures 120mm Marine Sniper, just smaller

Here are the colors I used (all paints by Vallejo)

#986 Deck Tan

#940 Saddle Brown

#988 Khaki

#820 Off White

Laying paint
First step is to lay down a base coat of Deck Tan. Next, take Deck Tan and add just a little bit of Khaki to it to make a slightly darker shade of Deck Tan. Using a small brush -- I use a 10/0 -- place irregular splotches all over the uniform and helmet cover. At 1/35th scale, accuracy is not a real concern and you really can’t see the small pixels at that scale.

The last color is brown. I added a little bit of Off White to Saddle Brown. For your reference, the real color looks like a faded brown. As with the other color, place irregular splotches all over the uniform.

Finishing up
I used Khaki as a wash or filter to tone down and blend all the colors and I think it worked out fine.

For the last step, mix Deck Tan and Off White to get a lighter shade of the base coat and use this to pick out the top of all folds and creases. With this little bit of painting info and the other from my “Painting USMC Spotter and Sniper,” you should be able to come out with some outstanding USMC MARPAT uniforms.

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  • USMCSet2-2
  • USMCSet2

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