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U-96 Type VII-C U-boot

u-boot typ Vii-c u-96 "the smilling fish"

Grauwolf has proved that for you to have a good scale representation of a Type VII-C U-boat you don't need to buy an expensive large scale model. All you need to have is a good source of references, some modeling skills and a good dose of patience to make the old Revell model into a show stopper (remember that this model was first issues by Revell in the late 1960's). All the things that make the big difference between this and other stock u-boat from the Revell box was... scratchbuilt!
  • Grauwolf U96 011
  • Grauwolf U96 010
  • Grauwolf U96 009
  • Grauwolf U96 008
  • Grauwolf U96 007
  • Grauwolf U96 006
  • Grauwolf U-96 005
  • Grauwolf U-96 004
  • Grauwolf U-96 003
  • Grauwolf U-96 002

About the Author

About Joe Passaseo (Grauwolf)

I built my first model at the age of 7 and have been hooked ever since. I model a variety of subjects but have taken a great interest in the German Kriegsmarine, particularly, the U-boat branch. I also enjoy a variety of outdoor activities: hiking, camping and scuba diving. I hope to one day di...


That's a beautiful model. Very well done and I love the simple yet very effective setting on the wooden stand. Nice work!
NOV 02, 2005 - 07:24 AM