Thursday, September 28, 2006 - 05:31 PM UTC
September releases of EasyKits should have these kits on your LHS shelves. These are starter kits for younger/newer modelers. There are four on the list.
Revell announced the September release of Darth Vaders prototype interceptor and the Imperial Shuttle.

The TIE fighter is a model of fighter Darth Vader used in the Battle of Yavin.

The Imperial Shuttle is the tri-wing shuttle in the Lambda class.

The Millennium Falcon needs no introduction. Hans Solo and Chewbacca flew this throughout the Star Wars movies.

The X-Wing fighter is the one Luke used to destroy the Death Star in an edge of your seat flght during the Battle of Yavin.

Revell is targeting younger modelers with these. It is a no glue no paint kit. It is a snap together that comes in multicolors.

A quick google search reveals that some web vendors do have these kits while other vendors are listing it as "out of stock"

Revell details here TIE Fighter
XWing Figheter
Imperial Shuttle
Millennium Falcon
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