Sunday, January 24, 2016 - 05:42 AM UTC
The monsters are alive! Savage Forged Miniatures gives us two new 220mm tall monster busts, Lugo the Ogre and Zepar the Fallen.
Lugo the Gentle Giant Ogre
"Lugo the Ogre cuts an intimidating profile. Quick tempered and short of wit like all his kind, you might be fooled into thinking he is a typical brute. However this fašade is only half the story, it covers a warm heart. Known as the `Gentle Giant' to his friends he protects the forest glades and faerie folk from those who would do it harm.

The Bust comes in 5 pieces cast in high quallity resin(1.3KG).

Sculpted by D.Zarnowski."

Zepar the Fallen
"The Bust comes in one piece 220mm tall and is cast in high quality resin.

Parts :1

Sculpted by D.Zarnowski

Painted by Tuffskull Painting

Figure is supplied unpainted."

To order either bust:

Photos and text are from Savage Forged Miniatures and are used with permission.
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