Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - 02:04 AM UTC
In 1952 Collier's magazine published a series of articles regarding the man's inevitable conquest of space. One of those issues described a lunar landing ship envisioned by Wernher von Braun and now Pegaus Hobbies has added a model of this spaceship to their catalog.
It was thought this ship would be built in Earth orbit from a space station and employ early theorized spacecraft concepts like using parabolic mirrors to focus sunlight for evaporating liquid mercury for a mercury-vapour powered turbine genrator for electrical power. This kit (No. 9109) is listed as being in 1/350 and while no information is listed for the size of the completed model the design it was based on was to be 160 feet (48.7m) tall so that would put the kit at just under 6" (15cm) in height. This kit has the option for being built as the cargo hauler or passenger version, the differences being a large cylinder in the central structure for a one way cargo drop to the lunar surface and the other comprised of more fuel tanks to ferry astronauts to and from the moon (see diagram to the right from the Collier issue). The kit is listed at the Pegasus Hobbies Webstore for $54.99 (US) plus shipping. No release date has specifically been stated yet.
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Wow. This is something I want... incredible
SEP 27, 2016 - 01:36 PM

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