Thursday, February 10, 2011 - 01:02 AM UTC
Two new Star wars "easy kits" are to be released by Revell this year.
The exact date of release is unknown at present.
X-34 Landspeeder "easykit"
Item No - 06676
Scale - 1/14
No. of parts - 32

The X-34 Land Speeder provides swift planetary locomotion (up to 250 kph). Under the bonnet is a repulsor generator which enables the speeder to hover. The X-34 is controlled by a steering wheel. The driver is on the right-hand side. The windscreen consists of an impact resistant transparent material that gives effective protection against sand and stones.

TIE Fighter "easykit"
Item No - 06675
Scale - 1/57
No. of parts - 34

The Twin-Ion-Engine fighter of the Imperial troops is one of the most frequently used space fighters and was made in immense quantities. As with all TIE designs, the standardised cockpit is in the middle of the ship and is linked to the solarwings by outriggers. Thanks to the transparent cockpit surfaces, the TIE offers a better panoramic view than other fighters. The TIE is armed with fixed mountedtwin laser cannon.

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