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Not Dead Yet's 1/35 Zombie
Not Dead Yet Miniature's 1/35 Zombie Male NYD-Z004
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

Not Yet Dead Miniatures
1/35 Zombie Male NYD-Z004


The recent popularity of post-apocalyptic zombie movies, stories, and television shows has sparked a new following for this genera split between zombies, innocent (civilian) survivors, mutant animals, and The Resistance, or “zombie hunters.” Sometimes missing from the scene is the military since soldiers often have larger issues to deal with than battling countless hordes of zombies. As such, brave and usually armed survivors banded together to form a sort of ad hoc resistance against the zombie hordes and to fight back with anything that could pass as a weapon from melee clubs and bats to knives and swords to guns and explosives.

The zombies range from all ages and both genders since those bitten get affected and turn into mindless plodding monsters bent on consuming human flesh and affecting as many innocent survivors as possible. Usually slow and predictable in movement, zombies are still human and could be defeated as any unarmored and unarmed human. The main threat from zombies is their numbers and “hive mind” mentality in which they often act as one stubborn determined group, swarming and outnumbering those brave enough to resist them until the very last zombie is defeated. Zombies can take damage and just keep going forward until their brain or mobility have been neutralized.

The Kit:

Not Dead Yet Miniatures of Germany has joined the zombie cult following by producing a 1/35 resin Zombie Male. The figure comes in a white cardboard box with a paper wrapper sleeve. The sleeve indicates that the figure contains small parts that may present a choking hazard and the kit is intended for ages 14 and older. The box itself has a clear plastic window that shows the contents, in this case a sandwich of blue foam to protect the figure. Opening the box reveals these parts:
• Left arm with jacket sleeve
• Right arm with jacket sleeve
• Head with molded-on hair
• Bare arm ending before the elbow
• One-piece cast body with molded-on shoes, pants, suit jacket, and interior suit vest
• Black plastic circular wargaming disc base

The body is contain in a clear plastic baggie and the head and arms in another clear plastic baggie.

This Zombie Male has all the trade hallmarks of a nice resin figure, proportions, scale, parts, and detail. The figure, cast in light gray resin, appears very smooth with no flash or noticeable seam lines. The lack of seam lines enhances the suit’s appearance.
The head has some ridges on the left cheek to denote the mouth and lips being pulled drastically to the side, or to represent a huge wound or scar. Facial details are well-defined and sharp with gritting teeth and even a deep wound on the left side of the neck. Some might wonder if this Zombie Male could somewhat pass for a normal male civilian and it’s possible by replacing the head.

The suit and sleeves have subtle holes and tears in them that could pass for wrinkles instead. Replacing the head with a normal one could produce a homeless or drunk male although there’s not much one could do about the pose without some major conversion work.
The bare spare arm could get glued to the mouth or glued into the right hand. I testfitted the bare arm inside the right hand and it fits well.

The pointing of the shoes to the side indicates that this zombie appears to side-step towards its prey since the toes are both pointed in the same direction, a nice touch to add to the allure of the plodding zombie figure.

I compared the Not Dead Yet’s Zombie Male to a 1/35 plastic military figure and the Zombie Male stands a bit shorter due to the stooped pose although the proportions and thickness appear accurate to 1/35 scale.

The generic black plastic circular wargaming disc has enough diameter to make for a nice small base for the zombie.


Not Dead Yet Miniatures has released a stellar resin zombie figure with subtle, yet distinct features such as tears in the clothes, wounds in the flesh, gritted teeth, bare spare arm, and side-pointed toes. This figure does represent a male zombie, not too gross and not too weird, just right to depict one of the plodding zombies staring at its intended victim. It should make for a nice zombie in any 1/35 post-apocalyptic scene.

Special Thanks goes to Not Dead Yet Miniatures for the review sample.
Highs: Very detailed sculpting with nice "zombie" touches such as torn clothes, spare bare arm, gritted teeth, stooped posture, and flesh wounds. No seam lines or flash detected.
Lows: None detected.
Verdict: A great representation of the modern male zombie dressed in a business suit. The shaggy hair, torn clothes, plodding posture, and other nice touches make this zombie figure unique.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  PUBLISHED: Sep 13, 2014

Our Thanks to Not Yet Dead Miniatures!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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