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Not Yet Dead's 1/35 Nathan
Not Yet Dead Miniature's 1/35 Nathan NYD-S003
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

Not Yet Dead Miniatures
1/35 Nathan NYD-S003


The recent popularity of post-apocalyptic zombie movies, stories, and television shows has sparked a new following for this genera split between zombies, innocent (civilian) survivors, mutant animals, and The Resistance, or “zombie hunters.” Sometimes missing from the scene is the military since soldiers often have larger issues to deal with than battling countless hordes of zombies. As such, brave and usually armed survivors banded together to form a sort of ad hoc resistance against the zombie hordes and to fight back with anything that could pass as a weapon from melee clubs and bats to knives and swords to guns and explosives.

The human survivors range from all ages and both genders and consist of mostly uninfected civilians healthy enough to pick up and wield arms against the zombie hordes. Usually led by leaders with little to no military background, the survivors form ad hoc militias to take back the streets and defend their properties, homes, and loved ones. They are armed with anything that could be considered destructive against undead humans: tools, guns, explosives, edged weapons, flammable liquids, melee weapons, and so forth. Most survivors are not heavily armored or armed since they managed to salvage what weaponry they could, normally without military and governmental assistance.

The Kit:

Not Dead Yet Miniatures of Germany has joined the zombie cult following by producing a 1/35 white metal African-American male survivor named, “Nathan.” The figure comes in a white cardboard box with a paper wrapper sleeve. The sleeve indicates that the figure contains small parts that may present a choking hazard and the kit is intended for ages 14 and older. The box itself has a clear plastic window that shows the contents, in this case a sandwich of blue foam to protect the figure. Opening the box reveals a single clear plastic baggie with a white metal cast body complete with arms, legs, clothing, sunglasses, and head molded on, a white metal Katana sword, and a generic black circular plastic wargaming disc—three parts, that’s it.

The 1/35 white metal figure, “Nathan” wears what appears to be a fuzzy turtleneck sweater with a military MOLLE vest over that and an open black leather jacket over both the sweater and vest. He wears baggy black pants that don’t resemble jeans. Nathan has gloves on both hands, sunglasses, and a back shoulder strap harness for his Katana, his only weapon. Thick hightop worker boots or tennis shoes are on his feet. His close-cropped hair has nice stipple texture, adding to his identity.

At first I thought Nathan appeared too large, more 1/32nd scale than 1/35th scale. However, when I compared him to a built plastic 1/35th figure, Nathan scales exactly correct to the height of the plastic figure. Nathan is, however, thicker in width--he’s a big strong guy and surely able to swing that Katana with enough force to stop zombies dead in their plodding tracks. Enterprising modelers may want to replace the Katana with a rifle or carbine and place that on the back of Nathan. This would require filling in the hole on the figure’s back for the peg on the Katana. The open right hand also allows the fitting of a rifle or carbine and I tested this by using a 1/35 M4 carbine which fits in the hand perfectly. One could also add an ammo pouch (not included) to the MOLLE vest loops, exposed through the open jacket.

The Katana looks well molded, sturdy and curved, with no noticeable seam lines. It has a peg on the back for gluing into the hole on the shoulder harness on Nathan’s back.

I detected barely noticeable seam lines on Nathan; I mean one has to really look for them as Nathan does appear as a practically smooth flawless cast. The figure has some weight to it and is a nice sturdy piece, the single cast preventing anything from easily breaking off.


There are very few modern 1/35 African American civilian figures on the figure model market and Not Yet Dead’s Nathan represents a nice figure that could be adapted to either a civilian or paramilitary figure or a number of other possibilities. The shoulder straps mean one could add on optional gear and make Nathan a backpack hiker, a camper, a jogger with a Camelbak, a Private Military Contractor, a private security guard, a pirate, a thug, or even a motorcyclist. As a civilian survivor battling zombies, Nathan is thick and muscular, and armed with a Katana, should make a respectable threat and a formidable foe to zombies.

Special Thanks to Not Yet Dead Miniatures for the review sample.
Highs: A really nice representation of a modern African-American 1/35 figure with lots of possibilities besides just a zombie hunter. Nice thickness, weight, details, sculpting, and pose. Hardly any assembly required.
Lows: Barely noticeable seam lines running down the sides of the figure.
Verdict: A fantastic white metal 1/35 African-American figure that adds value to the limited market selection of modern civilians. The one-piece cast means there's no real assembly required.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  PUBLISHED: Sep 16, 2014

Our Thanks to Not Yet Dead Miniatures!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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