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Not Yet Dead's Weapon Set 2
Not Yet Dead Miniatures' Weapon Set 2, NYD-W002
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

Not Yet Dead Miniatures
1/35 Weapons Set 2 NYD-W002


The recent popularity of post-apocalyptic zombie movies, stories, and television shows has sparked a new following for this genera split between zombies, innocent (civilian) survivors, mutant animals, and The Resistance, or “zombie hunters.” Sometimes missing from the scene is the military since soldiers often have larger issues to deal with than battling countless hordes of zombies. As such, brave and usually armed survivors banded together to form a sort of ad hoc resistance against the zombie hordes and to fight back with anything that could pass as a weapon from melee clubs and bats to knives and swords to guns and explosives.

The Kit:

Not Dead Yet Miniatures of Germany has produced a collection of white metal weapons packed in a set titled, “Weapons Set 2, NYD-W002.”

My set came in a clear plastic baggie with no box. The baggie was carefully wrapped in bubblepaper and clear tape. Weapons Set 2 consists of seven parts:

• Aluminum trash can lid
• AA-12 fully automatic shotgun with drum magazine
• Short double-barrel shotgun
• Crowbar
• .44 Magnum revolver
• Sledgehammer
• Meat cleaver

All parts are single-cast in white metal and no assembly is required. I found the castings to be nearly flawless with no noticeable seam lines, runs, blobs, rough spots, or imperfections. This is a relief as white metal castings, especially those made for wargaming, have a tendency to be less perfect in quality than resin. The parts come without any sprues or pour blocks that need cutting and sanding, another great feature from Not Yet Dead Miniatures.

The parts look well-detailed and to scale for 1/35th figures. Not Yet Dead Miniatures did a nice job casting the triggers and trigger guards as they appear thin, delicate, and free of any metal flash. The choice of white metal as the material ensures that these tiny triggers are robust for handling.

The trash can lid has a subtle raised relief sunburst pattern on one side that looks realistic to a real trash can lid. Even the handle is hollowed out for slipping into the hands of a 1/35th figure.

The meat cleaver looks nice and even has a tiny hole in it for hanging it up on a hook. The blade is slightly curved at the top and bottom and the cutting edge tapers to a sharp edge just like the real thing.

The sledge hammer appears realistic with a thick handle and dual-striking heads.

The crowbar has well-shaped curves and a good length. Being made of white metal, it’s also robust and doesn’t break or bend easily.

The weapons are unique specialties in the 1/35th model market. Not Yet Dead Miniatures made a .44 caliber Magnum revolver with a long barrel. The revolver looks like a great representation of the real gun, complete with tiny trigger and guard, cocking lever, revolving chamber, and vent holes on top of the barrel.

The short double-barrel shotgun even has both barrels slightly hollowed out, a nice touch. The trigger and trigger guard show nice definition, free from flash and runs. This is a nice unique weapon for the 1/35th model figure market.

The AA-12 fully automatic shotgun comes with a drum magazine and has nicely-cast triangular sights on top just like the real gun, each hollow and very thin. The AA-12 appears to scale and has the side ejection port on the right side. I did a search for images and videos of the AA-12 on the internet and found that the Not Yet Dead Miniatures’ AA-12 should have a thinner metal bar on the bottom that crosses from the trigger grip to the drum magazine. Also, I question if the choke barrel at the forward tip of the gun is to scale as it seems a bit small when compared to photos of the real gun and to 1/35th plastic M870 shotgun barrels. Other than that, it is the only 1/35th AA-12 on market so far.


Not Yet Dead Miniatures has produced a fantastic-quality white metal weapons set and created some unique tools and weapons. Whether arming zombie hunters or military figures, Weapons Set 2 adds some unique tools and guns to 1/35th figures.

Special Thanks to Not Yet Dead Miniatures for the review sample.
Highs: No casting imperfections, defined triggers, guards, and sights, attention paid to small details, unique and original tools and weapons that appear realistic to the real objects they represent.
Lows: The choke barrel and the bottom crossbar on the 1/35th AA-12 fully automatic shotgun do not appear accurate and to scale as the real AA-12.
Verdict: A very nice, unique, quality selection of tools and weapons for 1/35 figures.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  PUBLISHED: Sep 20, 2014

Our Thanks to Not Yet Dead Miniatures!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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