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Civilians Rick and Price
Paracel Miniatures Civilian Series Rick and Price
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]


Paracel Miniatures of Vietnam establishes itself as a new figure company by releasing some unique 1/35 figures such as a homeless person, civilians, and Vietnam-era soldiers. “Rick and Price” is a two-figure set consisting of two seated adult men meant for the front seats of a 1/35 pickup.

The Kit:

My kit came in a small cardboard box with a color photo pasted on the cover. Inside the box are two clear plastic bags, each bag containing the parts for one figure. The kit includes:

• Seated driver and two separate arms
• Seated passenger with three separate arms (two full arms and one half arm molded onto a M870 shotgun).

The driver comes molded in cream resin as one piece, dressed in an open jacket, buttonless shirt, pants, shoes, and two separate long-sleeve arms. The jacket appears to be leather or denim since it has some raised seam details on the back and sides. The arms’ ends have pins to align and attach to the holes in the torso; I testfitted the arms and they fit well although I do not know if the hands will align to hold any pickup’s steering wheel since I lack a 1/35 pickup kit. The castings appear mostly clean although the arms do have very thin translucent flash that can be cut away along with the pour blocks and supporting rods. I did see some very minute sinkholes (more like pitting) on the back and seat of my driver figure and by the right armpit; however, once seated, the pitting should not be visible. The front of the figure appears crisp and detailed with no noticeable casting flaws. The facial features appear nicely detailed and crisp with some texture to denote the hair and beard. The driver’s proportions appear satisfactory for 1/35 with the subtle indications of a chest and thick arms and thighs of a muscular adult male.

The seated passenger came molded in black resin. He wears cargo pants, a long T-shirt, and a military-style jacket with rolled up sleeves and a hood. A shotgun shell bandolier diagonally crosses his chest. His head has a bandanna tied back into a knot and a handlebar moustache. Both arms with rolled up sleeves have wrist cuffs but the optional half bare arm clutching the shotgun’s barrel does not. His jacket and cargo pant’s pockets appear full as they slightly bulge out at the sides and bottom which I find is a nice feature. The shotgun seems to match the scale of other 1/35 M870 pump-action shotguns although one should use caution when cutting the barrel from its resin support rod as I found my barrel already slightly bent due to the stress. Although the torso has holes for aligning with pins in the arms, but I couldn’t detect any pins at the end of the arms; however, testfitting the arms to the torso reveals that they do fit pretty well. I couldn’t see any sinkholes on the black resin and the body’s casting appears very detailed and crisp. The arms do have very thin translucent flash around them and pour blocks and support rods that require careful removal. Overall, the figure’s proportions look very good, typical of a pretty muscular adult male. The “arrogant” pose, facial hair and head bandanna, and cargo pants and jacket attire is pretty striking, giving this figure an appearance of rebellion or vigilantism.


Paracel Miniatures’ “Rick and Price” should add good value as a unique 1/35 seated pickup crew. While not outfitted in military gear, the limited armament (M870 shotgun) and civilian appearance could make this set suitable as rebels, vigilantes, zombie-hunters, gangs, undercover Special Forces or police, regular civilians, Civil Defense, or militia. The figures are both well detailed, cast, posed, and have impressive adult-sized proportions.

Special Thanks to Paracel Miniatures for the review sample.

Highs: Unique topic, crisp and detailed casting, very good adult male proportions, modern civilian attire, armed or unarmed option, and very nice and original facial expressions.
Lows: Thin flash around the arms, slightly bent M870 shotgun barrel on the support rod, and minor sinkholes on the back of driver figure.
Verdict: An original and unique figure set that adds value to any 1/35 pickup cab.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Suggested Retail: $25 USD
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  PUBLISHED: Jun 01, 2015

Our Thanks to Paracel Miniatures!
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