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1/20 EXO Suit Light Armor
1/20 (90mm) EXO Suit Light Armor
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

Nuts Planet “Ghost Company” EXO Suit, Light Armor
GC90-001 1/20 (90mm) scale

Over the years, the best-made resin figures seemed to have shifted from the Asia-Pacific region to Europe and Russia. Indeed, it seemed that Russia and Europe emerged as the forefront of creative and innovative figures as many Asian resin garage kit manufacturers either ceased operations or were not heard from again. Nuts Planet continues the fine tradition of producing quality resin kits from South Korea, considered by many resin figure builders as a country where top-quality figure kits are still made.
Nuts Planet’s 1/20 (90mm) “EXO Suit, Light Armor” gives the resin figure builder a very original designed Sci-Fi figure of a futuristic infantryman wearing light hard body armor, a light exoskeleton, and armed with a bullpup carbine. The figure measures about 3.5 inches (90mm) from head to toe. Sculpted and painted by Ki yeol Yoon, the EXO Suit is a powered exoskeleton with servo motors and armature frame for enhanced movements and power. The suit’s design consists of a power backpack, hard armored boots, calves, kneepads, shoulder pads, and chest piece, all connected with servo motors and shock absorbers. A helmet that resembles a modern tank crewmember’s CVC helmet completes the light armored ensemble. Unlike many other Sci-Fi resin figure designs out there, Nuts Planet’s EXO Suit figure possesses no affiliations to wargaming, Sci-Fi heroes, or graphic novel comic book characters; EXO Suit resembles a generic figure character and has no rank or first and last name associated with it.

The Kit:

My review sample came in a stiff blue cardboard box, beautifully printed with photos of the painted figure on the cover and on a long side. One shorter side of the box shows Nuts Planet’s contact information (postal address, email address, and Facebook URL) while the opposite short side has the typical warning that this model kit is not a toy and is intended for 14 years and older in addition to “Made in Korea.”

The EXO Suit kit consists of the following pieces:

• Left arm
• Right arm holding bullpup carbine
• Head
• Helmet
• Four pistons (to connect from torso to armored shoulders)
• Magazine pouch
• Shorter double magazine pouch
• One piece body (from armored boots to neck)
• Base

Opening the box reveals foam padding and removing the foam reveals the right and left arms, cast in one piece with all the surface details molded on. The details are absolutely crisp and amazing, devoid of flash, sinkholes, warping, or blobs. The skeletal armature appears thin and straight; the servo motors (circular discs) placed in the appropriate spots along the frame. I detected a seam line down the left arm’s elbowpad and at first I thought this was part of the design, but then I realized that most hard elbow and kneepads are smooth. The right arm’s hard armor elbow pad has a pour block that needs cutting off. Despite these issues, the casting of this figure appears flawless. The wrinkles appear realistic, subtle, yet noticeable. The skeletal armature hands are a marvel as they resemble the skeletal hands of a T-800 Terminator’s endoskeleton with segmented joints, knuckles, and fingers. The hard body armor looks smooth and conforming, not too thick since this isn’t heavy armor.

The bullpup carbine has a very original and unique design with a Pictanny Rail on the top of the carrying handle and the sides and bottom of the gun with a small scope on the top rail. The front has a flash suppressor with holes along the sides that resembles the barrel of a World War Two Sterling submachine gun. The rectangular body resembles a hybrid of a FAMAS and a P90. It’s a unique futuristic gun, something that fits well with a uniquely-designed Sci-Fi figure.

Three pouches are included. I laid them over the bullpup’s encased magazine and the double magazine pouches’ width is too narrow, but the single pouch’s width matches. Interestingly, the double magazine pouches are also slightly shorter than the single pouch. As such, this figure has two magazine reloads, if you include the empty molded-on pouch on the figure’s left thigh. The two shorter pouches not matching the size and width of the bullpup’s magazine is a minor quibble and most viewers probably won’t even notice since the gun’s magazine tucks against the right side of the torso, mostly out of view. The EXO Suit figure has no other armament, knife, grenades, or handgun, so this suggests that the figure could represent a soldier armed for light and rapid limited combat such as a scout, officer, commando, escort, or light infantry.

I testfitted the arms’ pegs to their torso holes and the fit is excellent. I also testfitted the pouches to the torso and the curvature of the double pouches conforms well to the waist. I did notice that there are no MOLLE loops where the double magazine pouches attach to the body as indicated in the photo. Furthermore, these two pouches do not fit well over the pen in the MOLLE loops unless the pen is sanded off. Serious modelers may want to split the two smaller pouches and mount them in more appropriate mounting locations if desired.

The bearded head looks great with awesome facial features and hair texture indicating a man in his thirties; this doesn’t appear to be a young soldier. I testfitted the head to the body and the fit is excellent. This kit comes with a separate helmet, but the helmet will not fit over the head unless there’s some major sanding of the head’s sides and hair.
Four very thin actuator pistons attach from the neck region to the front and back of the armored shoulders. These are casted exceptionally well, perfectly straight and uniform and care should be taken when cutting them off the pour block to avoid losing them.

The one-piece body looks fantastic with its combination of cloth, hard body armor, segmented powered spinal column, and light exoskeleton straps. It just looks original and futuristic. The design seems logical too, with the armored backpack feeding power to the segmented metal spinal column which in turn attaches to a back waist metal strap that powers the exoskeleton’s legs. I detected no casting flaws as I marveled at the crisp and exacting detail: round servo motors, straps, thin actuator pistons, buckles, MOLLE loops, carbineers, vent slots, pen, and stitches. The design brings forth a combination of technology and personal protection with power applications. Sculptor Ki yeol Yoon really did an impressive job capturing all the details. Even though molded on, the details just pop out: the MOLLE loops are straight, the stitches appear realistic, the exoskeleton straps consistent, the round servo motor discs rotated as if they were moving real limbs, and the buckles appear to hold all the hard body armor in the proper places.

The resin base resembles a concrete ruin with a few pockmarks on top and small rubble on the front and sides. It scales well to the 1/20 figure. Again, I detected no casting flaws on the nice-looking base.
The kit comes with no decals or instructions, but modelers could use the box photos for painting reference.


Nuts Planet’s 1/20 EXO Suit Light Armor figure looks great and has all the hallmarks of a high quality kit. Everything on it looks custom-designed to have a futuristic Sci-Fi vibe and appearance. The layering of detail from the uniform wrinkles to the vest to the light exoskeleton and hard body armor appear sculpted with utmost care and attention. The figure appears proportional and realistic with enough eye-popping details and science-fiction technology to capture the viewer’s imagination. The generic character, devoid of any wargaming or comic book affiliation, means that this figure could represent a wider range of possibilities and roles. Nuts Planet’s EXO Suit Light Armor would make a fine addition to any Sci-Fi figure collection.

Special Thanks to Nuts Planet for the review sample. Painted and CAD photos are from Nuts Planet.
Highs: Unique and original futuristic Sci-Fi design with a nice blend of armor, technology, and exoskeleton, fantastic sculpting and casting throughout, generic character, unique carbine, and realistic proportions.
Lows: Seam line on left armored elbow pad.
Verdict: A fantastic generic high-quality Sci-Fi figure that looks great with the combination of light armor and powered exoskeleton suit.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 90mm
  Suggested Retail: $80 USD
  PUBLISHED: Jun 10, 2015

Our Thanks to Nuts Planet!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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