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1/35 Linda with Baby
1/35 Survivor Linda with Baby (NYD-S016)
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

Not Yet Dead Miniatures
1/35 Survivor Linda w/baby (NYD-S016)

Not Yet Dead Miniatures of Germany specializes in 1/35 and 28mm resin and white metal figures of survivors and zombies, a popular modeling topic with the appearance of several recent post-apocalyptic and zombie television shows and movies.

The Kit:

Not Yet Dead Miniatures’ (NYDM) resin 1/35 “Survivor Linda with Baby” came in a white cardboard box with a color paper sleeve of a painted photo of the figure, a trademark of their kits. Removing the sleeve and opening the box with a clear plastic window reveals the figure padded with blue foam and bubblepaper.

The kit contents are:
• Figure of Linda carrying baby (single-piece cast)
• Black plastic circular disc

Although a black plastic circular disc comes with the kit, the figure isn’t really intended as a wargaming figure since all of NYDM’s figures are scale models and thus lack the “heroic proportions” (that squat-squashed appearance) found in wargaming figures.
The one-piece cast lady figure comes in a clear plastic sealable bag devoid of any other parts. She holds onto her baby, also molded in place. I applaud that NYDM casted the lady and baby as a single piece because why add more complexity to the molding and construction process? A single cast means that this figure is rugged, especially important considering how tiny and fragile some of the baby’s details are. Despite being cast as a solid unit, the female figure and baby have wonderful details and crisp molding with the only pour blocks at the bottom of Linda’s boots, a nice convenient location where the blocks could be cut off without affecting the appearance of the rest of the figure.

Linda wears an untucked unbuttoned blouse, jeans, scarf, and “cowgirl” boots, a simple modern attire characteristic of perhaps someone leaving in a hurry. The sides of Linda’s boots have exquisitely fine detailed engraved scrollwork, just like the stitching patterns on real cowgirl boots. The boots appear proportional with heels of equal height. Her form-fitting jeans are mostly devoid of wrinkles and contour to her legs well; NYDM did a very good job in capturing the feminine adult shape in this figure. I even compared the size of Linda to the 1/35 standing and pointing soldier in DML’s “Light Infantry with Motorcycle” and Linda stands half a head shorter and is a bit thinner (of course factoring in that the DML soldier wears PAGST body armor). Linda also has the appearance of a mom with her “bob” haircut, rolled up sleeves, and posture of taking short careful steps while cradling her infant. Her calm attractive complexion reminds me of the portrait “Mona Lisa and her content smile” as she tilts her head down a little.

The baby wears a simple two-piece outfit of shirt, pants, and booties. It’s a “unisex baby,” as the baby has no features or clothing to indicate if it’s a girl or a boy. As such, the figure builder is free to paint the clothes any gender color desired. Linda carries her baby against her left shoulder with the baby’s head tilted to the side. The viewer could still see most of the baby’s face and a puffy cheek, pouting lips, and small sharp nose. The baby itself appears exceptionally well cast and one could see all of Linda’s fingers over it to hold it. The baby’s minuscule ear and hair texture are both fine and detailed. The baby even has his or her thin and tiny left arm exposed, draped over Linda’s left arm. The teeny miniature fist of the baby even has indentations for super-thin fingers, a magnificent job in sculpting something so small.

I detected no casting errors, runs, sinkholes, blobs, or warping with my review sample. NYDM’s appears as one of the best 1/35 resin female civilian figures I have ever come across.


Not Yet Dead Miniatures’ 1/35 “Survivor Linda with Baby” appears both feminine and realistic. The casting quality of this piece rivals some of the best 1/35 resin figures on market today. Best of all, “Survivor Linda” does not have any attire, weapons, or gear to confine her to the zombie or post-apocalyptic world, meaning she could be a female civilian in practically any modern setting (devoid of Science-Fiction, conflict, and destruction). Her attractiveness, calm appearance, feminine form, modern casual attire, and realism makes Linda a unique addition to any 1/35 modern female figure collection. I “highly recommended” this fantastic figure.

Special Thanks to Not Yet Dead Miniatures for the review sample. Photos with red backgrounds are from Not Yet Dead Miniatures.
Highs: Great casting quality, single-cast mold, pour blocks in convenient location, fine and tiny details, realism, and nice feminine appearance and form. No features to confine it to a Sci-Fi or war-torn settings.
Lows: None detected
Verdict: "Survivor Linda with Baby" appears as a modern female figure holding a baby that could be used in a wide variety of settings, vignettes, and dioramas.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: N/A
  Suggested Retail: 10 Euro
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  PUBLISHED: Jun 15, 2015

Our Thanks to Not Yet Dead Miniatures!
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