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75mm Traitor Basford
Nuts Planet's Trigger Series 75mm “Black Sword, Chief of Ettin Fanatics, Traitor Basford” (TBS004)
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

Nuts Planet
Trigger Series

75mm “Black Sword, Chief of Ettin Fanatics, Traitor Basford” (TBS004)

Nuts Planet of South Korea has gained a very good online reputation of making quality kits of interesting and unique subjects, ranging from historical to Science-Fiction to fantasy. Nuts Planet’s Trigger Series 75mm “Traitor Basford” represents a Sci-Fi figure closely related to the Warhammer 40,000 wargaming universe. The hard body armored figure clutches a mean-looking rifle with grenade launcher and steps on top of a vanquished foe.

The Kit:

My kit arrived in a beautiful blue box with color photos, a trademark of the Nuts Planet brand. A protective bubblewrap sleeve encased the box. Opening the box reveals three levels of gray foam layers with small parts in bags on the top layer and the figure’s body parts, the Fallen Enemy flat, and the rifle with grenade launcher on the bottom layer.

The kit parts are:

Bag 1:
• Left leg
• Right leg
• Fallen Enemy’s left arm

Bag 2:
• Backpack
• Head
• Shoulder armor
• Left arm

Bag 3:
• Backpack chain and hooks
• Backpack hoses

Bag 4:
• Head spike crest
• Hoses
• Chain with emblem

No bag:
• Rifle with scope, trigger hand and arm, magazine, and grenade launcher molded on
• Fallen Enemy flat with partial shield
• Traitor Basford body with cape, pouches, grenades, and armor molded on

My first impression of Traitor Basford was how awesomely detailed the figure looks, especially considering that a lot of the kit is single-cast with multitudes of details molded on. The typical downfall of molded-on details is that a lot of the details don’t pop out, don’t look crisp, and don’t have enough depth. That’s not true with Nuts Planet’s Traitor Basford. All the molded-on details are crisp and exquisitely cast with fine detail and sharpness. This figure has multiple layers of refined details-in-depth stacked on top of each other, even if cast as a single piece. Lines, grooves, indentations, raised details, ribbing, and textures are sharp. I could see the fine crosshatching texture on the rifle’s trigger grip and on the Fallen Enemy’s shield, a testament to the remarkable work and craftsmanship from sculptor Joo Heum Yoon. The tiny skull motifs all appear as exact duplicates and I could make out the eye sockets and triangular nose opening for a decorative skull emblem no larger than the side of an asterisk on the keyboard. Most of the spike cones, chains, armor, reliefs, emblems, straps, hoses, and pouches are molded on, and Nuts Planet has been very generous with giving a lot of these details on Traitor Basford. There’s really a lot of eyecandy in terms of attached items and fancy decorations on this figure. Traitor Basford has small pouches on his ankles, knees, and the back of his cape. A molded-on rifle grenade bandolier with five grenades adorns the left arm while two hand grenades shaped like knobby sea mines festoon the back of the cape, each item cast wonderfully and full of detail. There are armored electrical pipes, buttons, rivets, straps, and clasps on some armor pieces that give the painter and viewer an assortment of colorful variety and detail-in-depth.

The backpack has a combination of molded-on buckle straps, MOLLE loop straps, skull motifs, and side pouches. The back has a square hole for mounting onto the square peg on the torso. This backpack is a good rectangular size and comes with square holes for the attachment of the “chain with hooks” and “hose with skull motifs,” the two pieces that adorn the side of the backpack and dangles down and out to the sides of the figure.

The rifle itself looks stunning, complete with molded-on scope, grenade launcher, right arm, and cylindrical magazine. The ribbing on this rifle looks fantastic and Nuts Planet did a fine job in getting all the grooves and indentations perfectly straight and free or resin debris. This rifle just has layers of detail to see. The ends of the rifle, scope, and grenade launcher are concave with shallow depth for realism. There are even four rifle grenades on the right arm, giving Traitor Basford a supple of nine rifle grenades for the underbarrel grenade launcher. Traitor Basford comes geared for war with two hand grenades, at least eight small pouches, “chain with hooks,” armored spikes, scoped energy rifle, and nine rifle grenades.

The Fallen Enemy partial figure flat comes as a single-cast piece with its backside flat and it lies perfectly flat on even surfaces. This flat piece comes with molded-on tilted head, hard body armor, partial shield, and shoulder armor. Unlike Traitor Basford, this enemy does not come with any skull motifs or emblems. The modeler needs to glue the arm that sticks out to give it some vertical dimension. The partial shield and legs above the knees indicate that ground cover should bury the sides of these areas. Two flat plates on the Fallen Enemy’s body and shield specify where Traitor Basford’s armored boots should be glued onto the Fallen Enemy. The shield has a very fine crosshatch texture, almost like a smooth antislip pattern. A nice feature is the missing rivet and some dents and gouges on the shield to signify that the Fallen Enemy has had some battle experience even though the Fallen Enemy has no apparent weapons. The flat coincides with the scale proportions of Traitor Basford.

I did detect a tiny bit of thin flash around the edges of my “chain with emblem” and “chain with hooks” pieces but other than that, my review sample appeared perfect with no runs, blobs, warpage, sinkholes, or gouges. Some pieces do have small pour blocks that require cutting and sanding; the builder should search for these pour blocks as they are small and hard to locate. Best of all, the small pour blocks are strategically located in areas that should not affect the construction or mar the general appearance of Traitor Basford and the Fallen Enemy.

The excellent fit on Traitor Basford stands as a testament to the precise engineering of this figure. The square pegs of the pieces neatly attach to the square holes, and each hole is engineered with a unique size so that it’s nearly impossible to glue the wrong piece in place because a wrong piece will not fit in the improper place. I testfitted the legs, arms, and head to the torso and practically found no gaps when these pieces were inserted.


I confess that I am not a fan of Warhammer-style wargaming figures, mainly because of the elaborate decorations of emblems, insignias, and skull motifs and the mixing of quasi futuristic with ancient technology is just not my style of Science Fiction. However, the exquisite detailing and engineering of Nuts Planet’s Traitor Basford makes me want to keep this figure. It looks and assembles like a winner. The figure’s proportions appear realistic, not the squat squashed dimensions that dictate so many wargaming miniatures; and Traitor Basford’s realistic human dimensions should appeal to scale figure builders. The level of eyecandy is just breathtaking, layer upon layer of detail and accessories all molded-on crisply over the armor in such flawless quality that it appears to be a sculpting, casting, and engineering marvel. The excellent fit also pushes the bar higher on resin figures; Nuts Planet’s sculptor Joo Heum Yoon has really thought the engineering process out well by placing the small pour blocks in areas that don’t interfere with appearance or construction. Furthermore, seeing how Ki Yeol Yoon painted Traitor Basford beautifully in rich dark blue with metallic highlights, one could easily conclude that this kit’s a winner and therefore should be a keeper.

Special Thanks to Nuts Planet for the review sample. Painted figure photos are from Nuts Planet.
Highs: Awesome multi-layered molded-on detail and accessories that appear crisp and sharp, precise fit, small pour blocks located in strategic areas, and numerous weapons, grenades, and accessories. No visible casting flaws.
Lows: Tiny flash on some parts.
Verdict: Nuts Planet's Traitor Basford has got to be one of the best 75mm Sci-Fi resin figure made so far in 2015 because of its level of complex and practically flawlessly casted molded-on details and accessories.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 75mm
  Suggested Retail: $65 USD
  PUBLISHED: Jul 09, 2015

Our Thanks to Nuts Planet!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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