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54mm GAU Human Male Cultist
Badsmile Miniatures 54mm (1/32) GAU Human Male Cultist
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

Badsmile Miniatures’s
1/32 (54mm) Human Male Cultist

Badsmile Miniatures has partnered up with Wildhouse Miniatures to sell its 1/32nd (54mm) “GAU” product line of white metal Science Fiction figures. GAU is an intergalactic species society that is thousands of years old and consists of an alliance of intelligent species from different origins. The GAU alliance portrays itself more as a culture of these intergalactic species with the goal to bring peaceful coexistence among the species that make up this faction. In the year 2643, the members of the GAU are the Tendratii, the Hal’moot, the Nurok, the Ga’an, the Kilahni, the Atua, and the Humans.

In the GAU world, the human male cultists practice their macabre religious ways as killers (and could also be cannibals), hence the cover photo with the quotes, “Fresh meat!”

The Kit:

My male cultist kit came in a nice black box with a color photo of the painted figure on the cover. Inside contains another color photo card and a business card with the sculptor’s email address. Wrapped in bubblepaper and contained in a plastic bag are the figure’s contents.

Kit parts:

• Upper half of torso with head, collar, backpack pouch, and half of the right arm
• Bottom half of figure with skirt tunic below the waist, legs, shin guards, and shoes
• Lower right forearm holding staff
• Scythe blade
• Left arm with sleeve
• Cylinder (backpack storage)
• Oversize Sci-Fi handgun
• Octagonal resin base

Badsmile Miniatures’s white metal resembles dull gray metal similar to gaming pieces. The metal is not too heavy and appears solid and rugged. I detected no casting imperfections on my sample, no runs, blobs, flash, or errors. Each piece does have a pour block remnant that needs cutting or sanding off and most blocks are located in locations (such as the edge of the piece) that would not really interfere with the figure’s appearance once removed.

The sculpting and crispness of the figure looks decent although I do wonder if sharper folds, wrinkles, and detail could be achieved better using resin. Some of the detail, especially the buckles and straps, appear a bit too flat and subtle for a 1/32nd figure while other areas, such as the veins on the hands and arms, are nice and pronounced.

The yelling bald head looks great with sharp well-sculpted brow, eyes, ears, mouth and cheeks. The figure’s tunic rag contains some holes, tears, and ragged edges, signifying this cultist doesn’t have the best kept fashion in the future. The shoes are nicely sculpted with smooth surfaces and indications of shoelaces. Armored shin guards are held with straps and buckles on the back; the armor surfaces nice and smooth.

I like the oversized Sci-Fi handgun which kind of resembles a shotgun with the barrels and tubular magazine cut off. The handgun looks original and unique. I assume this is a laser gun since there’s just a very small hole in the center (not large enough for the passage of kinetic ammunition, the gun lacks any magazines, and the figure lacks ammunition pouches).

The bottom end of the staff has a rope looped around it so I assume the scythe blade gets glued to the bottom side of the staff on the flat horizontal blocks that form the base of the blade.

The cylinder storage can comes as one piece and fits well into the curvaceous socket molded on the cultist’s back. I also testfitted the left arm which has a ball joint at the shoulder and it fits well into the torso socket.

A splintered chipboard pattern graces the surface of the black octagonal resin base with a spiral groove emanating from off-center. The base measures about 4.75 centimeters across and appears a good size for the 1/32 figure.


Badsmile Miniatures’s 1/32nd GAU “Human Male Cultist” gives the modeler a unique Sci-Fi figure that has an original attire and gear. The figure appears to assemble well with decent sculpting details and proportions. The antique scythe and futuristic laser gun gives the cultist a lethal combination of low and high tech weaponry. GAU’s “Human Male Cultist” figure gives the 1/32nd (54mm) scale Sci-Fi market a different character to paint and display.

Special Thanks to Wildhouse Models for the review sample. Painted figure photos are from Wildhouse Models.

Highs: Very good fit, decent casting quality, good size, proportional human anatomy, and some uniquely designed pieces.
Lows: Some subtle and soft details for 54mm, especially the collar etchings and the straps.
Verdict: The GAU Human Male Cultist is a unique 54mm white metal Sci-Fi figure with very good parts fit, decent details, and a good overall size.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  PUBLISHED: Sep 14, 2015

Our Thanks to Wildhouse Models!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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Wow! That is one sinister and scary figure! Thanks for the update
NOV 24, 2015 - 01:24 AM

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