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54mm GAU Hal'moot Sniper
Badsmile Miniatures's 54mm (1/32) GAU Hal'moot Male Archtype Sniper
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

Badsmile Miniatures’s
1/32 (54mm) Hal’moot Male Archtype

Badsmile Miniatures has partnered up with Wildhouse Miniatures to sell its 1/32nd (54mm) “GAU” product line of white metal Science Fiction figures. GAU is an intergalactic species society that is thousands of years old and consists of an alliance of intelligent species from different origins. The GAU alliance portrays itself more as a culture of these intergalactic species with the goal to bring peaceful coexistence among the species that make up this faction. In the year 2643, the members of the GAU are the Tendratii, the Hal’moot, the Nurok, the Ga’an, the Kilahni, the Atua, and the Humans.

The Kit:

In the GAU world, the “Hal’moot Male Archtype” resembles a lanky alien with four eyes, horizontal pointy ears, thin legs and arms, and in this case, a pot belly. He is armed with a choice of two long sniper rifles, one that is energy feed and the other choice a kinetically magazine feed sniper rifle.

My “Hal’moot Male Archtype” came in a nice black box with a color photo of the painted figure on the cover. Inside contains another color photo card and a business card with the sculptor’s email address. Wrapped in bubblepaper and contained in a plastic bag are the figure’s contents.

Kit parts:

• Hal’moot body with torso, legs, shoes, sidearm, pouches, harness, badge, and belt molded on
• Bare head with four eyes, horizontal pointy ears, nose, and mouth
• Power backpack
• Left arm with molded on armor
• Right arm with molded on armor
• Kinetic sniper rifle with muzzle brake and scope molded on
• Laser sniper rifle with short range scope and fuel cell molded on
• Short barrel for laser sniper rifle
• Long barrel for laser sniper rifle
• Pouch
• Bipod
• Octagonal resin base

Badsmile Miniatures’s white metal resembles dull gray metal similar to gaming pieces. The metal is not too heavy and appears solid and rugged. My sample had no runs, blobs, or flash, but I did see a very minute seam line running down the side of the sniper’s body. The pieces are on metal sprues and need to be cut off and sanded.

The Hal-moot’s body looks unique with a subtle indication of a chest, a pretty round pot belly, and really thin long legs. The Hal’moot kind of looks like a male version of Sy Snoodles, the female singer in Jabba the Hutt’s band in Star Wars. The shirt and pants have nice wrinkle definition with the badge and pants pockets molded on; the small shoes come with laces. The belt and Y-harness are very thin, but they’re similar in width and do look functional. Three pouches are molded onto the belt and these pouches look very small, so small in fact they appear impractical to human hand standards; however, since this is an alien species, perhaps the pouch size works for him. A small pistol with no holster is molded onto the back belt, giving this sniper a hidden secondary firearm behind his back.

Attached to a sprue block, the modeler has a choice of gluing on a helmeted head or a bare alien head. The helmeted head comes with faceplate and circular earpieces molded on. The other head option, a bald alien head with four eyes, horizontal pointy ears, and thin nose and mouth, looks fairly decent. The eyes are very small so one has to take care not to cover the subtle details when priming and painting. There is a hint of a raised iris in the center of each eye.
The power backpack looks nice with some defined hose ribbing and vent louvers. It fits well against the contours of the back.

Molded-on armor covers the forearms of the lanky arms and the right fist holds a pistol grip. I testfitted the arms to the torso and the shoulder pegs fit well into the sockets on the torso.

The Sci-Fi sniper rifles come in two flavors, a tubular kinetic rifle with a long barrel with muzzle brake and a long-range scope, and a rectangular sniper rifle with a short-range scope and an energy cell in place of the typical clip-on magazine. Both sniper rifles have unique Sci-Fi appearances that add both character and value to this white metal figure. The sniper rifles are quite long with the energy sniper rifle and attached barrel being the longest, longer than the figure itself. The simple unfolded bipod could be placed under either sniper rifle if so desired.

The black octagonal base measures 4.75 centimeters across and comes with 1/3rd of it engraved with treadplate and the other 2/3rds detailed with futuristic mechanical flooring consisting of segmented plates, circular stack, panels, and hatches. The resin looks nice, adequately crisp, and solid with no casting imperfections.


Badsmile Miniatures’s GAU Hal’moot sniper represents a unique 54mm white metal alien for the Sci-Fi figure market. It certainly looks distinctive, original, and futuristic. The choice of heads and impressively sized 1/32nd scale weaponry gives this figure ample visual detail, especially considering that such a thin alien is carrying a huge sniper rifle almost as long or longer than itself. The sculpting, parts fit, and figure’s details pass well for a white metal casting. This Hal’moot sniper should add some (alien) variety to the 54mm Sci-Fi world.

Special Thanks to Wildhouse Models for the review sample. Painted figure photos are from Wildhouse Models.
Highs: Original alien look and design. Very good parts fit, decent casting, choice of heads and two sniper rifles, nice extras of sidearm, bipod, and pouch.
Lows: Minor seam line down the side of the body.
Verdict: Few 54mm (1/32) white metal aliens exist in the Sci-Fi figure market. The GAU Hal'moot sniper fills this niche with a figure that looks unique, futuristic, and well-armed.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  PUBLISHED: Sep 14, 2015

Our Thanks to Wildhouse Models!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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