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Wildhouse Models' Engineer
Wildhouse Models' 1/24 Resin Engineer Figure
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

Wildhouse Models
1/24 Engineer

Wildhouse Models of the United Kingdom creates original Science-Fiction figures and model kits for their “Hostile Realms” storyline. With an emphasis on 1/24th scale kits, Wildhouse Models established itself as a rare contributor to the 1/24 Sci-Fi model kit product line since there aren’t many 1/24th futuristic figures and items on market.

The Kit:

Wildhouse Models’ 1/24 engineer comes with the following in a plastic bag:

• Figure with head, legs, shoes, and accessories molded on
• Right arm
• Left arm holding tablet
• Double cylinder belt device

My sample did not come with a box.

Wildhouse Models’ 1/24 Sci-Fi engineer comes in light gray resin with small pour block remnants, minor seam lines, and flash so some cleanup is necessary. The figure comes as a single-cast piece with tilted down head, torso, legs, and shoes. The two arms are separate as is a double-cylinder piece that attaches to the left hip.

The engineer wears one-piece overalls with the following molded onto it: shoulder pads, double Velcro laceless shoes, nameplate on right chest, fabric frontal belt, and spine hose leading to filter on the back of the waist. The overalls resemble a racing car driver’s racing suit.

The right arm is generally straight and the left arm bent upwards to hold a molded-on electronic tablet before the tilted down head.

The double cylinder device has a circular peg that attaches to the hole in the figure’s left hip. The device hangs from the figure’s subtly cast belt. I testfitted the piece and the device fits well. I then testfitted the right and left arms to the torso and found that the left arm generally fits, but the right arm didn’t fit flush due to the circular peg not being perfectly round on my sample to fit into the arm’s hole. Therefore, I sanded the peg round and a pour blob remnant off on the right arm and found the fit better. The right arm is actually raised and extends forward as the engineer touches something (such as the stasis pod). The arm joins still require a little putty work as there is a slight gap.

The tilted down head has a molded-on circular earpiece over the right ear. In looking at the figure, I believe that the head is a bit too small for the body; it’s not glaring, but noticeable when one compares the size of the head to how broad the figure’s shoulder pads are. I compared this figure to my other 1/24th scale figures and the body appears proportional in scale, but the head appears too small. However, if one purchases the Wildhouse Models’ 1/24th scale doctor, one could use the doctor’s spare bare head (which scales favorably to 1/24th scale) as a replacement for cutting off and removing the engineer’s head.


A simple kit with few parts, Wildhouse Models’ 1/24th scale engineer does resemble a futuristic Sci-Fi worker. Sculpted details and resin quality appear decent with some minor fit and cleanup issues. The generic appearance means one could use this figure for other roles. I thought the figure’s appearance in overalls might even work as “The Wanderer,” the player’s main character from the “Fallout 3 and 4” videogame series as all it needs is a 1/24th scale weapon, or perhaps a background character in some of the popular Science-Fiction movies. (Do note that the right arm extends straight outward and not down to the side since the engineer is touching something with it so it’s not exactly posed as a combat soldier). Nonetheless, there’s nothing this engineer figure wears or possesses that confines it to the Wildhouse Models’ “Hostile Realms” universe so there are limitless possibilities of using this figure for another genera.

Special thanks for Wildhouse Models for the review sample. Photo of painted figure courtesy of Wildhouse Models.
Highs: Unique original generic design that could be used for other purposes. Simple kit with few parts. Decent quality and details.
Lows: The head's a bit small for the body. Some minor cleanup required and minor fit issues with the arms that requires putty.
Verdict: Wildhouse Models' 1/24 resin engineer has a generic appearance that could be suitable for a wide variety of roles and purposes; however, the figure's fixed pose may also limit these other uses and roles.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:24
  PUBLISHED: Nov 21, 2015

Our Thanks to Wildhouse Models!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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