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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

The 3D software revolution has gained traction within the wargaming and scale figure markets as more figure sculptors create their figure designs using this software. The software produces very crisp details that could be sized to many scales for 3D printing.

A newcomer to the wargaming market, Miniature 13 of Ireland creates its own unique Sci-Fi figures in 32mm and 54mm using 3D software.

Wargaming miniatures have often been seen as simpler figures to construct than scale model figure kits as many wargame miniatures often use the squat “heroic” stature of 28mm to 32mm, and are often cast as single pieces to ease in construction and allow for quick painting. However, in recent years, some wargaming miniatures manufacturers have released figures with proportional sizes and appearances.

Miniature 13’s 54mm (1/32) Scarecrow represents a Special Forces team leader.

The Parts
My figure came in a clear plastic sealable bag wrapped in bubble paper. No box was included.
• 54mm Scarecrow with molded on legs, hooded head, torso, and hard body armor
• Left arm
• Right arm holding pistol
• 40mm black disc base

The Kit
Cast in light gray resin, my 54mm Scarecrow looks superb in quality with no runs, flash, errors, warping, seam lines, or air bubbles and sinkholes. The segmented body armor looks awesome with crisp edges and defined recessed panel lines. The armor panels mirror each other symmetrically and the clever design makes what appears to be seam lines part of the suit’s overlapping armor design.

The hooded head covers an armor-plated face with the appearance of a highly stylized mechanized skull. The small face looks well-defined with the faceplate representing the drawing perfectly. The tiny angled holes for the eyes appear sharp and the skull-like mouth shows segmented teeth similar to a shark’s.

Scarecrow possesses nice bulging muscular thighs and arms, and a good bulky chest and torso frame, making it one of the best anatomically proportional wargaming miniature I’ve seen to date. Scarecrow really does resemble a scale figure in terms of quality and size than a wargaming miniature.

The armored right hand holds the futuristic pistol. The pistol has a rail interface system on top, but no scope is included. The pistol has a magazine clip, but Scarecrow carries no ammunition pouches for reloads. Being a wargaming miniature, I understand the lack of ammunition pouches to make the figure as simple as possible. Enterprising figure modelers could add their own pouches from their figure spare parts, or by buying aftermarket resin pouches.

The figure modeler would need to cut the pour blocks off both soles and inside the arms. Fortunately, the pour blocks are located on glue surfaces so their removal should not interfere with the exterior appearance of the figure. Pin-to-hole interlocking surfaces allow the arms to connect to the torso.

Miniature 13’s 54mm Scarecrow looks stylistic and futuristic in its overlapping segmented body armor.
The figure’s size, proportions, and anatomy buck the squat “heroic” trend often found in most wargaming miniatures.
The outstandingly crisp edges of the hard body armor means that there’s plenty of eyecandy on this figure.
The figure matches well with Miniature 13’s sketch. Miniature 13’s 54mm Scarecrow comes out at the top of the list for those looking for a unique 1/32 (54mm) futuristic Sci-Fi Special Forces team leader.

Special Thanks to Miniature 13 for the review sample.

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Peter Ong takes a look at Miniature 13's 54mm Scarecrow figure.
  Scale: 54mm
  Mfg. ID: Scarecrow
  Suggested Retail: €22
  PUBLISHED: Jun 26, 2016

Our Thanks to Miniature 13!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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