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Trigger Series Belford
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

Nuts Planet of South Korea’s 1/24 (75mm) Belford joins a line of Trigger Series resin figures already released in previous months with the titles of “Clever Hunter,” “Overwatcher,” “Vagabond,” “Sniper Kelly,” “Rifleman Jess,” and “Scouter.”

The Trigger Series follows a post-apocalyptic theme of survivors battling it out with an unknown enemy. Unlike some of the other post-apocalyptic stories out there where the scene is a complete wasteland of technology and first-rate weapons and tools, Nutsplanet’s Trigger Series seems to retain a form of high-technology and first-class weapons, meaning the characters are not actually destitute or ill-equipped.
Each Nuts Planet Trigger character carries a different weapon and has a different role than the others in the series.
I emailed Nutsplanet about the name “Belford.” Is it a name of the town, the female character, an event, or a codename? Nutsplanet replied that the name does not represent any place or the figure and was a name just chosen (at random) by the sculptor.

My Belford came in the usual nice stiff blue cardboard box adorned with color photos. The thirteen parts consist of:

• SVD Dragunov sniper rifle with molded on right hand
• Sniper rifle scope
• Belford body with molded on head, leg with bandaged knee, torso, and tennis shoe
• Right leg with molded on tennis shoe
• Bag with molded on pipe wrench sticking out
• Goggle
• Bionic left arm
• Right arm with molded on wristwatch
• Gas or air canister
• Crescent wrench
• Base with dented car door
• Car door side mirror
• Bundled bag strap

The Kit
Nuts Planet’s Belford, cast in gray resin, seems to have more pour blocks than some of the previous Trigger Series figures. Fortunately, the pour blocks are located in areas where they will not be readily apparent when cut off and sanded. Some parts have their own resin runners and thin sprues for structural support.
Overall, the casts are crisp, clean, and smooth with amazing details and smooth lines.

The figure, weapon, and gear appear proportional.

The SVD Dragunov is taped using painter’s tape to a foam core backing for support during shipping.
The small parts are divided into two small plastic baggies, one bag holding all the smaller pieces, and the other bag holding the limbs and the bag.
The figure and car door lie on the lower foam cushioned layer in the box’s dual layers of foam cushions.

I did detect a seam line running down the right side of my figure’s torso from the neck to the right leg, and the car door has some small flash around where the side mirror attaches. Other than those minor imperfections, Belford has high casting quality with nice crisp detail.
I can even see the wrap-around bandage on her left knee and the subtle outline of a stick-on bandage on her right knee.

Belford looks pretty slender with the body of a teenage girl. She wears a pullover shirt, short shorts with back pockets, and tennis shoes. Her feet have low ankle socks and flat tennis shoes complete with laces and tongues. Her goggles rest around the front of her neck; the goggles don’t have a strap, but enterprising modelers could scratchbuild one so that the goggles could hang from her head or the bag.

Belford’s clothes don’t have any rips or holes in them; therefore, she can represent a figure not in a salvaged post-apocalyptic world starved of resources.

Unlike the other 75mm Trigger Series figures, Belford comes with a robotic bionic arm attachment, thrusting her into a future where new technology plays a role in battle. This addition of robotic technology on the human body is a first for Nuts Planet’s Trigger Series and we may possibly see future Trigger Series figures with robotic enhancements.

The robotic arm looks fantastic, complex and crisply cast with intricate gears and piston detail. I testfitted the arm and it fits well with the square hole in the torso. The other human arm has a molded on wristwatch and a T-shirt sleeve.

Belford appears more lightly armed and equipped than the other Trigger Series figures since she has no secondary weapon such as a pistol, shotgun, or a knife. She carries a Russian SVD Dragunov 7.62mm sniper rifle with separate scope and the right hand molded onto the trigger handle. The Dragunov has no modifications whatsoever; it’s a straight standard stock weapon.

Belford doesn’t wear a tactical vest or any magazine pouches of ammo, but one can assume that additional magazines are carried inside her bag.

The square bag has a pipe wrench molded on sticking out of the top opening and a bottle molded onto the side. It’s hard to tell, but a World War Two German stick grenade may be poking out of the side of the bag. The bag looks great with nice crisp molding of the straps, buckles, and rivets.

The dented car door base has shallow and smooth convex pits to denote a weight caving in the thin sheet metal. Her flat tennis shoe soles should be able to stick to the car door if superglue is used. The separate side mirror adds a nice touch to the base. The car door actually rests on a resin rock with a flat bottom, thus giving the door a slight upwards angle. The car door base gives Belford an interesting scene to pose on.


Nuts Planet’s Belford figure reminds me of a metal parts scavenger. Indeed, this teenage female carries the tools (pipe and crescent wrench) required to twist off any valuable piece of metal and technology and a weapon for distance defense. Although she lacks the bountiful gear and secondary armament often found in Nuts Planet’s other Trigger Series figures, Belford is priced accordingly, slightly lower than her other Trigger Series 75mm counterparts. She combines present-day appearances and attire with some futuristic bionic technology, thus making Belford a unique figure in any 1/24th scale figure collection.

Special thanks to Nuts Planet for the review sample.

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Highs: Interesting subject with the addition of bionic arm technology. Very good packaging, fit, proportions, details, and casting quality.
Lows: A seam line on the side of the torso and tiny flash on the car door.
Verdict: Another nice 75mm resin figure from Nuts Planet. Belford combines present-day attire and weaponry with a touch of futuristic bionic technology.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 75mm
  Suggested Retail: $60 USD
  PUBLISHED: Nov 06, 2016

Our Thanks to Nuts Planet!
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