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Garandur Silver Wolf
Joaquin Palacios Studios’s 80mm “Garandur Silver Wolf”
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

“Garandur Silver Wolf” represents an elf warrior with twin scythes or one scythe and one double-bladed battle axe. “Silver Wolf’s” armor and weapons portray the classic fantasy realm elf found in popular novels and movies with ornate multilayered armor, intricate scrolling bas relief work, and clothing fit for elven princes. Since the elves are highly regarded nobles, and often the richer, wiser, and the more elite of the fantasy realm creatures, their body armor and weapons often stand many quality standards above other fantasy species such as dwarves, orcs, and trolls. Mr. Palacios has captured the elven mystical appearances and wealth beautifully with his portrayal of an elf wielding short double curved swords for fast maneuverable attacks.

The Kit
My “Garandur Silver Wolf” elf came in a small stiff cardboard box complete with a photo of the raw resin assembled figure. The parts come in a sealable plastic bag wrapped in bubblepaper.
Casting quality looks excellent. I did detect very minor paper thin flash in spots that can be easily picked off, but there doesn’t appear to be any seam lines, blobs, warpage, runs, or sinkholes. This is one wonderfully cast resin figure.

The kit consists of:

• Elf figure single cast from shoes to neck (includes body armor, boots, greaves, and fur and shoulder decorations molded on)
• Short double-bladed battle axe with molded on right hand on the shaft
• Left arm with armor and curved short sword
• Short sword with molded-on right hand
• Head with molded-on hair
• Resin base with footholds
• Cape with molded-on fur
• Left arm with molded-on armor (arm meant to hold the battle axe)
• Loin cloth drape

The “Silver Wolf” comes in lightweight gray resin with crisp casting and hardly any pour blocks. Instead, the pieces are held with resin sprue runners attached at strategic locations such as glue points, so that the remnants won’t appear in the build once assembled. Some pieces, such as the cape do have little pour nubs that need to be cut off and sanded. Overall, the elf’s proportions appear excellent, a well-toned veteran warrior of good height and experienced age; this is not a youngster.

The body armor looks great with multiple layers of scale plating. In popular fantasy movies and drawings with elves, elves seem to favor pointed triangular designs. Therefore, Mr. Palacios captured the elven triangular armor design beautifully from the pointed boots to the greaves to the plated mail. The armor looks unique, high class, and original, a custom suit and not something mass produced like a human knight’s armor.

The fur of a fantasy wolf runs across the shoulders and on top of the cape, giving the impression that “Silver Wolf” lives in a chilly climate. The fur’s engraved lines possess exceptional detail. The wolf’s head resting on the left shoulder shows intricately sculpted fangs and a mean snarl; it’s very well sculpted, right down to the angular nostrils.

The cape has great thickness with natural flowing wrinkles. I am happy with the cape’s thickness as this isn’t a fragile resin piece that would be easy to crack or break. The top of the cape has layered animal fur that looks amazingly sculpted and detailed. One needs to remove the two pour nubs on top of the cape and tuck the cape underneath the fur around the figure’s back shoulders. I testfitted the cape around the figure and the cape nestles well around the elf’s back.

The single-cast head also has great details and sculpting design. The facial complexion, a serious stoic scowl with a furrowed brow, gives the viewer the impression that this is one seasoned warrior you don’t want to piss off. The awesomely realistic face appears lean with high cheekbones and a set jaw; it really does capture the image of a wise elf. The molded-on side draping hair has two tiny pointed ear tips poking out.

The kit gives the builder the option of two weapon types, two short one-handed curved swords, or one short curved sword and one short double-bladed battle axe. These one-handed weapons are ideal for fast maneuverable attacks, parrying, slashing, and whirling, as if often the hallmark battle tactic of elves in the movies. In keeping with elven fantasy tradition, the weapons sport ornate scrollwork and fine craftsmanship; there are no nicks, battle damage, pits, or cracks on these bladed weapons as “Silver Wolf” kept his weapons in top pristine condition.

The kit gives the option of an extra left arm meant for holding the battle axe. This spare arm comes with the same armor layered design as the arm holding the left sword. I testfitted the axe’s hand to the spare left arm and the pin fits into the hole nicely. A loin cloth drape of nice thickness completes the body armor ensemble.

The simple cobblestone base is thin and suits its purpose well. The boots’ plugs fit perfectly inside the base’s holes and once inserted, the figure stands securely upright.

Joaquin Palacios Studios’s 80mm “Garandur Silver Wolf” captures the elven design philosophy superbly with its ornate triangular plate armor, battle axe, and twin short curved scythes. A simple kit, “Silver Wolf” doesn’t have a lot of parts to assemble as the body comes as a single cast. Fit appears nice and casting quality of a high standard. Besides some tiny flash, I could detect no visible flaws, seam lines, or casting imperfections. “Garandur Silver Wolf” should make for a visibly powerful elf figure when completed.

Special thanks to Joaquin Palacios Studios for the discounted review sample.

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Highs: Excellent casting, fit, and details, original design, nice facial complexion, choice of two short scythes or one scythe and one double-bladed axe.
Lows: None really. Some very tiny flash on a few pieces.
Verdict: A great representation of an armed and armored veteran elf warrior with both nice proportions and scale.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:20
  Suggested Retail: 44 Euros
  PUBLISHED: Dec 06, 2016

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