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Assault Trooper
Assault Trooper
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]


Northstar Models of Riga, Latvia continues to make unique resin Post-Apocalyptic and Sci-Fi figures that appeal to those figure modelers looking for originality and creativity.


The 54mm Northstar Modelsís Assault Trooper has been out for a while, but itís a really nice figure and one of the first to start the trend of Post-Apocalyptic figures wearing a gas mask and helmet. This figureís background could be traced to the popular Russian STALKER video game which produced several figure sets depicting some of those characters.

In 54mm (1/32) scale, the figure appears a bit larger and beefier than 1/35. Itís close to 6cm tall whereas a 1/35 figure is 5cm tall so the two scales, while close, donít really match and this will show.

Fortunately, Northstar Models designed their Assault Trooper to be a standalone figure complete with a circular resin base with brick rubble wall to stand next to. Itís a very simple kit with just three parts:
ē Full figure with molded on head, arms, legs, gear, airhose, goggles, respirator, gun grenades, and helmet
ē Laser and grenade launcher gun with molded on right hand
ē Circular base with molded on rubble and brick wall
The Trooper is well equipped with a respirator with airhose leading to a molded-on canister pack on the back, goggles, pouches, shin guards, armor helmet, body armor, kneepads, hooded parka, gloves, laser gun with a grenade launcher, scarf, and even a waist bandoleer with four tube launched grenades. The figure wears a few layers of long clothing under the parka and this has been shown to a nice effect. There are no tears or holes in the clothing; this Trooper is well equipped and well-armed. It may not be futuristic enough for alien worlds, but futuristic enough for the dystopian world.

Casting appears flawless; the resin being light gray and free of warps, runs, air bubbles, and errors. The casting blocks are strategically placed at the feet to avoid any loss of figure detail while the base has no casting block whatsoever. The gunís casting block is at the gunís end, again to minimize the loss of gun detail on the sides. The kitís detail is so fine that I can see the little circular rings and eyelets on the jacket, the body armorís stud rivets, the accordion segmentation of the airhose, the gas mask indentation vents, and the individual bricks. I could see a very subtle seam line on the left arm as the only potential flaw. Other than that, this figure appears almost perfectly cast.

One should note that due to the molded-on rubble on the circular base, the 54mm Trooperís feet only has a small smooth surface area to glue on, meaning any variation of posing the figure on the base is limited unless one sands away the cast rubble.


While released for quite some time, Northstar Modelsís 54mm Assault Trooper should not be passed up if one is seeking a 1/32 Post-Apocalyptic figure that can display by itself. The technology isnít vintage Steam or Dieselpunk, but futuristic enough to set it apart from the dystopian Post-Apocalyptic world where most 1/32-1/35 figures carry modern combat arms and wear ratty clothes. Not so with this Trooper as it wears its own unique clothes, body armor, tech, and carries a unique gun. I highly recommend this figure.
Peter Ong takes a look at and shares his thoughts on the Futuristic Assault Trooper in 54mm from NorthStar.
  Scale: 54mm
  Mfg. ID: NS-F54/32012
  PUBLISHED: Dec 30, 2017

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