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Artel W Miniatures: Witcher
Artel W Miniatures: Witcher
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by: Andras [ SPONGYA ]

The Witcher games are masterpieces of storytelling. Even if you are not interested in gaming, the stories themselves are worth the time spent playing them. These stories are surprisingly nuanced (and quite R rated), and your decisions will influence the world around you in many interesting and unexpected ways. I just finished the third game, and it was natural to order this figure when I saw it in the catalogue of Artel W Miniatures.

The miniature is small (28mm), and it is nicely detailed for this scale. (The figure is a product of computer design and 3D printing.) Obviously the name of the miniature is not Gerard, but it is clearly the master witcher with his characteristic armor and double swords from the games (a steel and a silver one). The casting is very fine and precise which makes the assembly a breeze. The pose is quite natural, and conveys the readiness of the witcher; you can see he is tensing and preparing for the coming confrontation. His pose also shows ease and calmness coming from training and experience; he is a seasoned monster-hunter, after all. Incredibly nice little figure; I am quite happy to have bought it while it was available.

The parts are very well cast, and there were virtually no imperfections; they are ready for assembly when you get them. Assembly is about two minutes, painting is probably six hours… such is the life of a figure painter. I have always struggled with faces and skin tones, so I was real happy to achieve a realistic tone at all, but Gerard is an albino, so his skin should be much paler. I did manage to replicate his signature scar over his left eye with a 00 brush. His armor was painted in multiple shades of brown (since most of it is leather) with a black oil wash to bring out the fine details, and the metal parts were painted with True Metal Steel, and washed with Nuln Oil.

I put him on a round base, and he was finished.

As a closing note: the witcher figure highlights the issue with these small manufacturers: the fluidity of their offerings. This figure -and a related figure, the ‘King of the Wild Hunt”- is no longer available in their catalogue as it is no longer produced. Limited run figures are not very good if you are not there to fetch them up when they are available; let’s hope these figures will make a return at later times.

Highs: great detail, great subject
Lows: not available at the moment
Verdict: absolutely recommended
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  Scale: 28mm
  Suggested Retail: 15
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  PUBLISHED: Jan 11, 2019

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