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NK Beholder MK.1
Natter-Kit 1/35 Beholder Mark 1
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]


Recently, Garage Kit companies have started releasing nice Sci-Fi resin vehicle kits in 1/35th scale to match the already popular scale for Armored Fighting Vehicles and softskins, military figures, select helicopters, and some retro-World War Two Sci-Fi mechs.

From Italy comes the Natter-Kit (NK), a 1/35 resin Sci-Fi spaceplane with a sleek futuristic design. The “Beholder MK.1” somewhat vaguely resembles a sleeker super-powered Star Wars A-Wing with four main engines instead of two and a wider armored canopy.

Kit Contents

The 31 pieces of this kit comprises of the following:

• Two left and right narrow twin piping
• Two left and right piping with vent louvers
• Two overhead engines
• Two frontal caps for overhead engines
• Two rear exhaust nozzle cans for overhead engines
• Two rear exhaust nozzle cans for rear of fuselage
• Two left and right wing strakes
• Two left and right wing strake ailerons
• Two ailerons hinges
• Two left and right wing strake underside exhaust ports
• Seated pilot figure
• Pilot’s helmet
• Pilot’s right arm
• Canopy (non-transparent)
• Instrument panel dashboard
• Instrument panel top housing
• Pilot’s seat
• Fuselage body
• Rear fuselage body panel
• Rear fuselage sensor panel
• Fuselage top panel with twin exhaust ports
• Two pages of color-printed instructions

The Natter-Kit comes in a nice stiff cardboard box with a printed photo of the completed model on the cover. Inside, the parts are well-wrapped in clear plastic and encased in bubblewrap. All the parts are then divided by Styrofoam blocks with a top wrap of bubblepaper. As such, none of my kit parts showed any damage during shipment.

The parts themselves are in dark gray resin and quite crisp and smooth. Surface detail looks clean and sharp for those pieces that have them as most of the wing strakes and fuselage are flat smooth surfaces. Edges are well-defined and the fuselage body has nice subtle angles and slopes, giving the “Beholder MK.1” an appearance of stealthy features. There are substantial pour blocks placed in areas that hopefully the viewer will not see such as the rear and join areas. I did not see any resin flash, warpage, air bubbles, or mold errors with my kit. The twin overhead engines have nice large blocks that act as glue points to the main fuselage to ensure that they won’t come loose. The pour blocks are at the rear of the engines and a straight clean cut should remove them, allowing the rear exhaust nozzle can to cover up
the cut.

The two long wing strakes and their supporting surface piping detail pieces each have the same dimensional thicknesses and subtle angles. In fact, they come packaged sandwiched as mirror opposites to each other with their flat bottoms touching, giving the viewer the impression that they form one piece, not two individual ones—now that is precision engineering when both pieces look exactly the same but belong on different sides.

The color-printed instructions are well-laid out and clear. One page has a top-down perspective showing the parts layout and orientation. Red lines show where the parts go during assembly. The second page shows twelve close-ups of various areas of the craft with the right side showing the bottom and top perspectives of the Mark 1. These are fine instructions with very good resolution and focused photos providing enough information to assemble the kit.

The kit seems to be a generic spacecraft due to its apparent lack of armament and details signifying its function. The wing strakes and their surface pipings don’t have any front nozzles for energy beam exits. There are no open holes or ports facing the front to symbolize beam weapons or cannons. Since no decals are provided, one could safely say that this Natter-Kit is a non-military vehicle. The four rear engine nozzles seem to suggest a massively-powerful and fast craft. Is it a sleek one-man orbital racer? Is it a fast fighter with hidden armament? Is it a speedy unarmed reconnaissance sensor platform with sensors in the wing strakes? Is it an unarmed electronic warfare plane? Is it a personal science vessel? Is it a fast-pursuit police craft? The customization and outfitting possibilities are endless! The smooth surface details allow for plenty of add-on parts to glue onto and decal placement so the modeler could indeed create and customize their own function for the “Beholder MK.1” kit. Consider the “Beholder MK.1” a generic spaceplane with surfaces just waiting for the finishing details and touches! Whatever the form and function the “Beholder MK.1” is, I just think it looks really cool because the detail, casting and material quality, and precision engineering show.


I highly recommend this 1/35 Sci-Fi generic spacecraft kit. The size is quite large at around 10 inches long. The casting quality appears excellent with fine details and smooth angles and surfaces. The instructions are well-laid out. The box captions state that this kit is meant for modelers with high skills; however, anyone who has built a few resin kits should be able to tackle this one. The overall unique sleek futuristic appearance of the “Beholder MK.1” will attract the attention of viewers to this model in whichever way you decide to customize and outfit it for a specific function.

Thanks to my wallet and NK for the discounted review sample.

Highs: Excellent resin casting, smooth angled surfaces, fine details, and generic futuristic sleek spacecraft design allows for personal customization.
Lows: None really detected although the generic spacecraft design means one needs to find their own decals and extra parts to customize the craft for a specific purpose.
Verdict: Highly recommend. A unique subject of a cool-looking spacecraft design.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Suggested Retail: $155 USD
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  PUBLISHED: Jan 31, 2013

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