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Special Forces Female Figure
Resin Bench Models's Special Forces Female Figure
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]


Few Garage Kit companies make large Fantasy or Science Fiction figures as most of these Science-Fiction and Fantasy figures are confined to 54mm and 75mm scales with very few even made in 120mm scale. Often, only Anime and Garage Kits from Asia are made in 1/9th scale and larger.

Resin Bench Models bucks the trend by releasing a very nice 1/6th scale figure of a (fantasy) Special Forces Female Figure that looks as if taken straight from a comic book, video game, or Action Movie. While some aspects of this figure border on Fantasy, much of this figure could be linked to a degree of realism: the SCAR-L rifle, the M92F Beretta pistol, the combat harness and boots, the M67 fragmentation grenades, the combat knife, and the AN/PRC-148 handheld radio all are Real World items used by United States soldiers today.

When I first saw this kit online, I knew Garage Kit history has been made. Besides Anime figures, very few modern female combat figures are available on market let alone released in a scale above 120mm and made with a great deal of realism. The kit looked so original and interesting that I surely wanted to have one to add to my collection. The “back to the wall” pose reminds me of a desperate battle taken from the story of a video game or comic book as spent shell casings litter the floor below her. Just by looking at her weaponry, one could deduce she has enough ammo and firepower to break out from behind cover and dish out a “world of hurt” towards her enemies.

The Kit:

The kit consists of the following items:

• A resin base complete with molded-on 5.56mm shell casings and spent ammo clip
• A resin wall with an embedded AN/PRC-148 handheld radio in the wall
• Body with molded-on combat harness, pants, pistol drop-down thigh holster, kneepads, one boot, and web belt
• Right arm with SCAR-L rifle, ACOG scope, 40mm grenade launcher, and left hand molded-on
• Head
• Left arm
• M92F Pistol in SHERPA holster
• Combat knife in leather sheath
• Two large magazine pouches
• Two small pouches with SNAP-LOCK fasteners
• Sunglasses
• Four M67 fragmentation grenades with four wire pins

The kit came via the mail extremely quickly. Packed in Styrofoam popcorn, the resin parts were wrapped and taped carefully in bubblepaper. The amount of resin makes the box quite heavy and the size of the base wall alone is close to twelve inches (1 foot) tall.

Molding of the kit looks fantastic, crisp, clean, and very detailed. Molded in light gray, the resin has a nice density and heft to it and doesn’t stink at all. The resin quality lacks the oily sheen or discolorations of some of the cheaper resin materials. Molded-on details protrude nicely and cleanly whereas engraved details are crisp and clean of blobs and errors. The pour blocks have been removed by the company which makes this kit such a nice treat and also lessens the damage a razor saw might cause in removing the blocks. Sanding is required to remove the pour block remnants however. There are some very minor seam lines along the side of the body, but nothing fine grit sandpaper couldn’t take care of.

I really like how Resin Bench Models engineered the kit with resin pins and holes already molded-on to the limbs and wall to add strength and stability to the glue connection surfaces. Furthermore, having the figure consists of five separate pieces means a whole lot less sanding and gluing. I am a proponent of having figures mostly cast in single pieces nowadays because the more parts made for assembly, the more chances for fit, gap, and alignment issues. Even the base wall has pin-to-hole features, a very nice attribute considering how heavy the resin wall is which makes the pin-to-hole engineering a “must-have” aspect for a secure join.

The details of the kit are just fantastic…very sharp lines, fine engraved textures, and eye-popping details. For example, the Picatinny Rails on the SCAR-L rifle appear well-spaced and straight. The boot laces have a raised and textured appearance and overlap each other finely without flash or blobs at the angles. Even the boots have thread patterns on the bottom. Stitching, buttons, strap texture, and thread lines are reproduced nicely. The female figure looks ready for combat: web belt, thigh pistol holster, combat harness, kneepads, combat boots, throat mike, gloves, watch, pouches, knife and handheld radio. The sculptor, Roberto Von Behr of Brazil, did a nice job adding generosity to the gear and equipment to make the female figure have a degree of combat realism. Belts, buckles, SNAP-LOCKS, and straps are reproduced in fine details and hug the anatomy quite well, I might add.

The sculptor also captured the female anatomy well with smooth curves and not too thin yet not too muscular body proportions. The age of the female falls into the category of not a young teenager and also not that old either as if a real representation of a soldier in the early to mid-20s.

The head appears simple, yet still retains that young feminine appearance. The soft eyes, upturned corners of the lips, and smooth skin indicate a cool professional calmness in the face of enemy fire. Furthermore, the proportions of the head and limbs to the body appear realistic…this isn’t some large bobblehead or exaggerated Anime babe figure with overgrown (insert body part here) that just overwhelm the viewer’s eyes. Resin Bench Models and sculptor Roberto Von Behr did a fantastic job in keeping this figure proportional and realistic. The sunglasses could be glued over the eyes or on the head as the box art shows.

I testfitted the limbs to the body and the fit appears very good despite the glue surfaces having some cut pour block remnants. Sanding off the remnants should yield a much better fit and any gaps should be very minute which gap-filling superglue or filler should take care of. The thick pin-to-hole features on the limbs really help in alignment and making the pieces stay secure to the body.

The Weapons:

This female Special Forces soldier certainly has the primary and secondary weapons and ammunition to complete her mission whether solo or as a team. I surely appreciate the weapons and ammunition load as some other companies neglect adding reload pouches for their weapons.

The SCAR-L is a 5.56mm rifle (note the curved magazine denoting 5.56mm caliber) that could be a possible replacement for the M4 Colt carbine now in service with U.S. soldiers and Special Forces. Resin Bench Models added an ACOG 4X day scope, backup Iron Sights, Heckler and Koch 40mm grenade launcher, and Picatinny rails to the SCAR-L. There is slight flash on the piece which fine sandpaper will take care of. The right arm and both left and right gloved hands are molded onto the SCAR so there’s no need for hand-to-gun alignment and the associated issues that may arise from that.

The sculptor included four long 5.56mm magazine pouches, two molded on the body and two separate for a total of 120 rounds plus 30 in the SCAR-L for 150 rounds total which coincides with a typical primary weapon ammunition load soldiers carry. The two pouches molded on the body appear flat and empty to reflect that the figure has already expended one clip (lying on the floor) and just reloaded the second clip. The two separate pouches appear filled with one clip each.

Two small pouches with SNAP-LOCK fasteners are for 40mm grenades for a total of three grenades.
The secondary weapon is the M92F in a SHERPA plastic holster that should be glued to the thigh drop-down suspender. No ammunition pouches are included for the pistol.

Four M67 fragmentation grenades with prebraided wire pins are included in a separate plastic baggie. The wire pins are very nice additions and appear similar to each other, round and of the same size, just as in Real Life.

A short combat knife in leather sheath rounds out the weaponry. The sheath shows the layering and fasteners on the leather.

The Wall and Base:

The resin wall and base are thick, solid, hefty, and impressive in their own right. The pin-to-hole features are a “must have” in securing the two pieces together. I testfitted the two pieces with no issues as they both joined securely with no lean or tilt.

The embedded radio in the wall adds a nice characteristic and should line up to the figure’s back as she presses against the wall for cover. The wiring to the throat mike has already been molded around the neck, again a nice detailed touch. The spent shell casings littering the floor create a surreal scene of an intense firefight to indicate the figure laying down automatic suppressive fire moments before. The side of the vertical wall has pockmarks to indicate enemy bullet damage.

I counted 45 spent 5.56mm shell casings on the base, interesting considering that the 5.56mm clip holds only thirty rounds. One could assume the other 15 rifle casings were because she either wasn’t operating alone (Special Forces soldiers firing out-of-sight besides or behind her, hence the radio), or the scene includes more action than the kit shows (such as expended clips outside of the scene).

A small pouch includes resin debris to litter the floor with, again another nice detailed element to the vignette.


The sculptor, Roberto Von Behr of Brazil, has succeeded in creating the scene he wanted to depict: a female (fantasy) Special Forces soldier leaning against a wall for cover and taking a break from laying down automatic rifle fire. Armed with a handgun, 40mm grenades, and a few hand grenades, she symbolizes the epitome of a “tough warrior,” ready to duke-it-out with enemy combatants. Quality, fit, and detail of this large 1/6th scale resin borders on the remarkable with enough features and eye-candy to impress the serious and advanced figure modeler.

Special Thanks to my wallet for purchasing this kit. Painted photos are from Resin Bench Models and are used with permission.
Highs: Nice, crisp, clean casts in quality resin. Fine textures, raised and engraved lines and eye-candy. Well-armed and equipped. Realistic body proportions with realistic weapons and gear. Cut pour blocks and pin-to-holes engineering make for a good tight
Lows: Minor seam lines and flash on some resin pieces.
Verdict: An awesome kit made of quality-resin in a HUGE 1/6th scale. One of the rare realistic resin kits of a female figure that is not a monster, monster's hostage, Vampire bride, Amazon Female Warrior, or Anime Girl.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:6
  Suggested Retail: $130.00
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 15, 2013
  NATIONALITY: United States

About Peter Ong (Trisaw)

I model modern topics, mainly post 1991 Gulf War onwards. My modeling interests include: * Science-fiction/ fantasy * 1/100 Gundam * 1/35 armor * Kitbashed projects * Special Forces * Resin or plastic modern figures * 1/24 Police, fire, medical, and Government vehicles * Rare, unique, ori...

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Extremely interesting figure... the sculptor made an amazing job and I'm glad to hear the resin is so nice too. Great review, thanks Pete! Mario
MAR 15, 2013 - 06:35 PM
“female combat figure . .” Surely you can’t be serious. Maybe a stripper wearing modern combat gear for her act.
APR 03, 2013 - 04:51 PM

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