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Savior of the Galaxy (Alien)
North Star Model's 54mm Savior of the Galaxy Alien Girl
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

North Star Models
54mm “Savior of the Galaxy (Alien)”


North Star Models of Lativa, European Union, has produced some interesting and unique resin model kits and the “Savior of the Galaxy” series are some of them. Wearing full body armor and armed with futuristic high-tech devices and weapons, this series of figures depict most of the elements a Science-Fiction figure modeler wants and craves for. North Star Models continues its series with a 54mm female alien figure to complement the “Savior of the Galaxy Male and Female” kits.

The Kit:

The kit contains the following parts:
• Resin body and head complete with upper torso, coat, body armor, and belt molded on
• Legs with lower torso, hips, waist, boots, knee pads, and leg armor molded on
• Bent right arm with arm armor molded on
• Bent left arm with arm armor molded on
• Pistol with left and right hand attached to trigger
• Wooden base

The 54mm “Alien Girl Resin Figure” kit comes in a stiff cardboard box with a line drawing of the figure on the box cover. The gray resin parts are in a sealable plastic bag with a black-painted wooden base wrapped in plastic wrap. The wooden base is a nice addition as most resin figure kits do not come with any base.

The “Alien Girl” kit has the distinction of being unique as there are very few scale model kits of alien figures. “Girl” is a misnomer as the figure resembles more of a young female alien adult in size, but I suppose “Girl” could be appropriate depending on how old these aliens live up to. Construction consists of an upper torso and lower legs, two arms, and two hands holding a pistol, making this the most simple of the three 54mm North Star Models’s “Savior of the Galaxy” series kits.

The one-piece upper resin body comes with segmented body armor reminiscent of the “lorica segmentata” body armor worn by the ancient Romans, but most of this mostly gets covered by the open draping coat that wraps and hugs around the body well, a bit of futuristic fashion, so one could only see the body armor at the figure’s belly and breasts. No seam lines, flash, or air bubbles are detectable to detract from the smooth curves of the armored plates and breast body armor. The feminine hourglass shape and breasts appear prominent, curvaceous and sexy with the proper female proportions despite the figure not being human. No nudity appears as the figure comes completely clothed.

This figure has long shapely slender legs and arms that are more slender than a human’s, which adds a nice alien touch and yet still retains the connection to the female human anatomy. Both arms are molded bent to grasp the small laser or plasma pistol that has both the left and right hands attached to the trigger. The arms’ glue surfaces come with holes for attaching to the square pegs on the torso’s shoulder for the classic “pin in hole” gluing method. The arms are covered with light body armor that consists of molded-on armored plates and elbowpads attached via straps. The legs have a similar armored appearance of molded-on shin and thigh armor and kneepads attached via buckles and straps. I doubt that this figure’s pose could be modified easily without cutting into the arms and legs.

The head appears soft, feminine, and gentle with a smooth face. Deep lines denote the curved “tubular” hair strands, swept back in “ponytail-less” fashion and covering slits for ears. The facial features appear serious yet relaxed as no smile is apparent.
My sample had minor flash at the left boot which I easily brushed off. Other than that, I saw no air bubbles or casting defects. Pour blocks are placed at the bottom of most pieces with supporting rods holding the small delicate parts. The supporting resin rods holding the pieces need to be cut and sanded off. Other than that, the figure’s casting appears excellent.


North Star Models has produced a fine example of a 54mm scale model female alien figure. The pose, sculpting, casting, shape and fashion all appear well made and extremely detailed. With so few non-wargaming alien figures offered on the market today, this 54mm scale alien figure should make for a unique piece in the Science-Fiction figure model collection.

Special Thanks to North Star Models for the review sample. Color painted photos and parts photo with blue background are from North Star Models’s website and are used with permission.

Highs: Excellent sculpting, detail, and casting. Figure has smooth resin surfaces with sexy and shapely proportions. Unique subject matter and alien fashion. Simple construction with only five parts.
Lows: A piece of minor flash on the left boot.
Verdict: Very few scale figures are made of female aliens so this is a unique and high-quality addition to the 54mm Science-Fiction resin figure market.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  Suggested Retail: $30 USD
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  PUBLISHED: Jul 31, 2013

Our Thanks to North Star Models!
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