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  Modena, Italy

Username: Il_Colonnello


About Il_Colonnello
I am a Colonel in the Italian Army. Last year I retired after 37 years of active service. During my career, I have commanded the units tanks, including a Leopard 1A2 Tank Company from 1979 to 1990 and tehe battalion in 1995. I obtained a patent for "Enabling the use of military parachutes." I got a patent for "Glider Pilot". I am "Military Swimming Instructor - Sports and Operative" and "Military Instructor Shooting." Before attending the Military Academy of the Italian Army, in Modena, I took the title of "Surveyor in Aeronautical Engineering." In Modena, I have a degree in "Strategic Science" and then I got another degree in "Political Science, International". I am married since 1998 with a wonderful woman, a medical doctor, but we have not had children, unfortunately. I have taken over several years to make serious model and I have specialized on models of tanks and military vehicles from Italian origins to the present day. (Sorry for my English, but at school and even after I studied French and Spanish ...)

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