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  New York, United States

Occupation: Computer Engineer
Interests: Modeling, war games, history of war, science, math, computers, knife collecting & Classical Piano
Username: JoJo120mms


About JoJo120mms
Hey, my name is Joe. I'm 26 years old and live in good old NY, NY, USA. I started modelling only around September in 2005 and have been addicted to the craft since then... I've set up an area I like to call, "The War Room" in my basement and that's where you can find me. While I'm not in college studying for my degree in computer science or playing classical piano, I'm moddeling. I build all kinds of armor mostly from tanks to trucks to artillery and helicopters as well as soldiers and equiptment. I've just started practicing at bulding diorama's as well. I also enjoy the hobby of knife collecting. I run a website at www.knifemakersdatabase.com . My focus is world war I & II, Vietnam, the Cold War, the Korean War and anything up to this date really. I also enjoy movies and historical documentations of all of the above. I love this site and am looking to learn as much as I can from anyone who's willing to give a pointer or two. I will be posting all my work and I will also attempt to come up with something good enough to be a featured article. My favorite motto is Practice + Patience = Perfection. It works for just about anything,,, All emails are welcome! Questions and answers, comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated! I can be reached at [email protected] Thanks for stopping by! ~JOE

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