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  Gelderland, Netherlands

Occupation: Jobtrainer
Interests: Antique cars & Mopeds. Salsa + Rock & Roll dancing
Username: Kitboy


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Battle for Europe: This award signifies this person has participated in the Battle for Europe.
Between the Wars Wings: This award signifies this person completed the Aeroscale Between the Wars  Campaign
Blood Order 1917: The Blood Order of 1917  issued to all Kitmaker participants that complete the build of  two WWI aviation kits associating them with two known combatants of an air to air dogfight in April 1917.  Note the rules and regs.  One should be from the Allied powers and one from the Central powers.

The Blood Order 1917  has a blood red field similar to the British Victoria Cross, but in this case noting the terrible cost of aircrews in April 1917.   There is a white panel centrally located  noting the pure intentions of these combatants to serve their countries.  The German Iron Cross and British Cockade entwined, pins the middle of the award noting two of the combatants of this era.
Blood Order of the Kiwi: The award signifies that the bearer did take part and complete the tasks assigned for the Wingnut Wings Group Build or 2009 - 10.  The wearer was known to be among the happy few that served together to hone their skills and offer encouragement to other team members.  With dedication did infact use every chance to put all that could be done into a good build.