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  British Columbia, Canada

Occupation: Transit Operator
Username: MisterB17


About MisterB17
I've been modelling for 45 years. Mostly plastic aircraft, however I have done all other facets of plastic modelling. My specialty is B-17's I have researched this aircraft for 33 years and still find new things every day. Once upon a time I had 24 1/48 B-17's built, this was back in 1979 1980 when I was in the airforce. When I left the Airforce and came home I gave most of them away. I had 14 of them hanging off the ceiling of a local hobby shop in the late 80's. When the shop closed I gave the rest away and am starting all over again this time shooting for 32, one from each group in the ETO MTO. The Monogram B-17G is still the best B-17 in any scale. I'm working on a large book of color profiles as well as a modellers guide to an accurate B-17. I did the graphics for ZOTZ B-17 decals and profiles and have made several new drawings and improvements since then. If you have any B-17 questions feel free to contact me.

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