Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

Occupation: telephone-exchange engineer
Interests: History
Username: Stoottroeper


About Stoottroeper
Hi I'm Peter and I live in the Netherlands, near Eindhoven. Got back into modelling a few years ago with the 88 (Tamiya), since then I made numeral models. Just for the fun to get a nice model. See you around. Peter "Stoottroeper" is just the soldiername (like GI) in the regiment I was in, 41st PaInfbat.

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Burnt sand.: Inititialen van campagne op een woestijnkleurige achtergrond.
Fire Down Below: This ribbon is awarded to those brave young men who fulfilled heir jobs under a hail of fire from high above or down below.
VIRUS 72: - CAUTION!! - 
Any member showing this ribbon was infected with the Kitmaker Benelux Virus 72 campaign 2007.