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  Massachusetts, United States

Occupation: Layabout
Username: Whitey


About Whitey
Came back into the hobby in 2010, after a 20 year hiatus. I really wasn't very good all those years ago, but am getting better with every kit I build. Much of the thanks for that goes to the tips I read here; so thank you all. Formerly US Army Infantry: A/2-14 IN. (10th Mtn LI) Somalia '93, Haiti '94. Formerly US Army Reserves MP: 94th MP Co. Iraq 2003-04.

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Big Beautiful Bombers: Awarded for the succesful completion of the Big Beautiful Bombers campaign. Congratulations on a job well done!
British armour past and present: This award signifies you've completed the campaign
Campaign Sherman Award: This signifies that the
Eastern European Steel Award: This signifies that the
P 40 Work Horse Campaign: This shows that this person was a patriot of the great warbird P 40.
P-51 Campaign: This ribbon shows that the individual completed the Campaign
SpitFire / SeaFire Ribbon:
Tiger Specialist: This medal will be awarded when you complete the Tiger Tank Campaign