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  England - West Midlands, United Kingdom

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About docdios
Keith Forsyth (docdios) comes from the small town of Stafford in the United Kingdom. He began his interest in modeling at an early age with armor being the main focus. It was not until finding himself between jobs in 1995 that he really got hooked. It was during a shopping visit to another town when he came across a small modeling shop which just happened to stock Verlinden items and books. It was Verlinden's first book that set him on the road to discovering Dioramas. After becoming hooked on building plastic models he joined the local IPMS branch in his home town. It was this group of people who really helped him along in the early days.

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Humming Along: This Award signifies this person met all requirements to complete the Humming Along campaign
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Purple Heart Award: Upon completion of this campaign, you will be decorated with Armorama's Purple Heart Award. This award is given to the selected few that has shown dedication and effort in completing a campaign that is dedicated to soldiers of past and present who have sustained injuries of all sorts and lived to tell about it.
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Trouble in South-East Asia: This ribbon signifies that this member is a veteran of Vietnam Trouble in Southeast Asia campaign, a campaign honoring those who fought in one of the most widely publicized and controversial wars in modern hisotry.  Well done!